People’s Daily I high-speed rail standards into the world standard


People’s Daily: my high iron standard as the world standard U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes from the following warrants to lead the 189 Chinese standards become the world standard reporter Lu Zehua "the people’s Daily Overseas Edition" (09 2016 17 August     edition 04 recently, in Beijing) at the thirty-ninth session of the international organization for Standardization (ISO) Conference (hereinafter referred to as the "ISO conference") will China standard work focused on the center of the world stage again. With the development of China’s social economy, China is experiencing a shift from "made in China" to "Chinese standard" in the world trade pattern. The criteria for assessing the impact of the 80% world trade "standard" on the general public may be slightly "without feeling". But when it comes to "ISO9000 quality management system", "3C certification", most people will feel familiar. In a sense, the certification standard is recognized for product quality and safety assurance, guiding people’s economic behavior. "Three flow of enterprise products, enterprise brand, first-class enterprises as the standard." The establishment of standards is the bigger and stronger enterprise unchanged creed. In fact, it is because Intel has established the central processor (CPU) standard, Microsoft control standard, Apple operating system dominate the mobile phone application standard, these giants can firmly grasp the international market competition and value distribution right. As the international trade "pass", the standard certification is the main way to eliminate trade barriers. According to the study by the organization for economic cooperation and development and the United States Department of Commerce, standards and conformity assessment affect 80% of world trade. As the world’s 98% of the total national income of the world’s population and the standardization of the organization, ISO is known as the """. As the supreme authority of ISO, ISO conference is one of the most important meeting in the field of standards in the world. China hopes to host the ISO conference, and international countries and regions to share the experience and achievements of international standardization." China National Standardization Management Committee Director Tian said. I have become the world’s high-speed rail standard standards have the world." This statement reveals the important impact of standards. In the process of "going out", Chinese enterprises have been regarded as the highest pursuit. Foreign high-speed rail is only about 1000 kilometers away from the general, China’s high-speed rail is generally more than 2000 kilometers, to adapt to China’s national conditions, road conditions EMU standards of course different." When it comes to high-speed rail manufacturing, China standard, China Railway Corporation chief engineer He Huawu said. Beginning in 2012, China Railway Corporation in China to carry out the "China standard" EMU work. China vast and complex terrain, climate variability, is extremely cold, haze, catkins, sand "hardening" of the "Chinese standard" is gradually beyond the past "European standard" and "standard", adopted by more and more countries. Similarly, in digital power 3相关的主题文章: