People hit the door to go to health insurance is required to prove that he hurt himself-jinshen


People take the insurance against the door injured were asked to prove their hurt your original title: to prove that injury is caused by themselves heard that "my mother is my mother", people can master Cheng has met more embarrassing for him to prove. Trauma hospital has spent more than 3000 yuan, can be in accordance with the town of medical insurance reimbursement, he must prove that the injury was caused by his accident…… The parties did not witness how to prove the injury is caused by the more than and 40 year old master Zheng a person living in Xi’an City, near the village of eight. Just get up early in the morning of September 7th, Master Cheng did not take two steps to get out of bed, clunk, crashed into a house of the glass sliding door, glass door instantly broken glass directly to collapse shirtless Zheng master body, in which a piece of glass to his thigh on half a palm size the flesh torn, leaving the last skin attached on the leg, was cut off. Master Cheng called relatives sent him to the hospital in Dahua hospital, dozens of sewing needles, has entered the recovery period. Yesterday, the China Daily reporter saw him in the ward, really scared. Gauze wrapped around the head, arm and wrist wrapped around the gauze, the right leg is the plaster fixed. Master Cheng said, "his confused crime of not less, not less money to spend, and spend 3000 yuan." Zheng master insured Xi’an urban residents medical insurance, according to the reason of hospitalization expenses can be reimbursed. But when it comes to this, Master Cheng reluctantly wry smile, "health care? The hospital said that I was injured, in order to Medicare reimbursement must let me go to the insured unit to open a certificate to prove that the injury is caused by my own." Master Cheng said, "home is a mess, the blood is still in hospital but also pieces of glass, does not recognize, only to prove. There is evidence on reimbursement, did not prove at their own expense. I hurt myself how to prove? And there were no witnesses. I insured, due to injury in hospital, should not enjoy Medicare reimbursement? How can I need such a proof, I have to prove that the injury is caused by my own." The hospital to write a note on a seal cover insurance unit Master Cheng visits Dahua Hospital of Xi’an city urban residents basic medical insurance designated medical institutions. "If you are naturally sick, what is not directly involved in the report. Can be involved in the trauma, you go to the hospital where you want to be insured units to open a certificate to prove that the injury is caused by their own." The hospital medical insurance window staff said, you write a description of the situation, so that the insured units to cover their seal on the line, no chapter son not." According to the staff, if there is evidence, the medical fee reimbursement to Master Cheng 80%, otherwise you have to pay. Insured unit has never been opened to prove this to open up to the insured to prove a Master Cheng as early as the 80s of last century was laid off, the file transferred to the Xi’an job referral service center. And then he did not find a formal job, and ultimately to the identity of the flow of personnel in Xi’an city employment service center. In Xi’an employment service center, the staff said there is no way to open the need to master Zheng injury is their 6相关的主题文章: