Peer talk encourages pear sand to cause fans to worry about life and death.-brock lesnar


The speaker encouraged farming sand pear peers cause fans worry about the condition of life and death in these two days, popular beauty of Schine’s disease of pear cultivation farm voice message, by the parties concerned, the fans are particularly concerned about her illness. But in the sand pear farming announced after the break, friends of friends have also made a push to encourage her, but these words of encouragement, let the fans to sniff out a wrong taste, and even fans worried about farming life sand pear disease. Anime screenwriter Ifukube Chong: Twitter said: "happy to live, very important. It’s more important to live. " "Everyone is waiting for you with a smile, and you have to take a good rest," she said. Female seiyuu Takahashi Minami published on twitter said: "it does not matter, it does not matter. We can definitely play the story together! Keep smiling!! " Girl Lin Asuka’s official twitter tweets said: "absolutely * to keep a smile! It doesn’t matter. We’ll be waiting for you all the time. In order that everyone can use a smile again, now have a good health. While the female seiyuu Hayama Kaorumi wrote in a tweet: "although I do not know this in public that is not right, but I can’t say anything wrong…. Though I think it might be a burden for you to come back until you come back, but we’ll all be waiting for you to come back, a sauce! Take a good rest now. I’m looking forward to working with you again! " You can see the girl and they are sent to encourage and wait for the sand pear farming sweep, but screenwriter Ifukube Chong say has caused fans worried fans commented: "live, more important. Is this saying that the disease of pear sand in the seed field is related to life and death? " "Tweet exactly like Ifukube Chong is the dying man said!" "Ifukube Chong tweets, what happened? Is it the insider information of the lover? " "The announcement in sand pear farming said time will retrace to report that I think should not be a problem."