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Travel-and-Leisure Powells Point, N.C. June12, 2012 – When it comes to blogging, Paveya knows that how to write a blog post that works is the key to it all. This may sound pretty easy, and if you are just blogging for fun it is. But if you are considering blogging for your business, you want to consider what kind of blog to have and how it will connect to potential clients. Paveya is sharing their expertise on blogging to help small businesses learn the basics on good blogging. Blogging with a Subject in Mind It is always a good idea to begin planning your business blog by looking at what you want to say. If you are a recognized expert in your industry, you might want to consider bloggingas commentary on your industry. Some businesses like to do news style blogs that discuss what is in the news about their business or one that recaps current news stories or top industry news. A very popular type of blogging is a how-to that shows your visitors how to do a specific thing, such as how to write a blog post. Another good example would be one for a baking supply company that includes a recipe for how to make a cherry pie. It is all about what the visitor to your site needs or wants to learn. Decide on Your Blogging Flow When it comes to laying out how to write a blog post, controlling the flow of information is very important. You do not want your reader to get bored half-way through your post; you want them to read all the way through. This is especially true if you have important links back to your site from the post. The best way to set this up before you begin blogging is to write up your sub-headers that define your content flow. Set It Up With an Introduction All blog posts need an introduction that defines what you will talk about in the blog post. What is it about this information that makes it so valuable? If you have any kind of data or statistics to back this up, this is the place to show them off. Set up your reader expectations here and follow through in the rest of the blog. If you tell them you will show them how to build a deck for their home but then only talk about what kind of decks exist, you are not following through on your readers expectations. Present the Information in Clear Steps Now that you have your blogging style defined, your topic chosen and a header based on that topic with sub-headers, you are ready to write. If you are talking about a complex idea, you may want to write the simple concept and then link to a page that shows this idea in detail. If this is a how-to article make sure that you are including some specific steps in each post. Never assume that because you know what a certain term means that your readers know it too. Many news blogs will have a single paragraph talking about what someone else has written in a news article and then follow with a link directly to that news item. Remember that you are providing people with information that they were searching for when they came on your blog, so make sure that what you give is worth the time they took to find it. Make Your Conclusions Count Now that you have covered all your points, you want to be sure that whoever is reading your blog has all the tools for understanding it. For someone who is making a cherry pie, that may mean having a link to your site so they can get whatever baking equipment they may need to complete that pie. The point of a blog is to create traffic for your site in a way that makes it seem natural to the reader. This is where your call to action needs to be, but keep it short and to the point. Go back and read what you have to be sure it flows correctly and give some thought to creating a catchy version of the title you started with. Try using strong emotional words like exceptional, stellar, and outstandingwhich are great for blogging titles because they draw people to the post. If you plan on blogging on a regular basis, you might want to check out this blog post on Hubpages to learn more about creating the best titles. Finally, have someone who is not familiar with how to write a blog post or your blog topic read it for feedback. Does it work for them, get them interested or give them new information? Once you have that feedback, and someone else to look it over for spelling and editing, you are ready to post. This blog posting information is brought to you by Paveya, a web design and Internet marketing company that works with small to medium-sized businesses, specializing in real estate. They focus on search engine optimization, social media management, and web development services to help companies build the very best Internet presence. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: