A new type high pressure reaction kettle with well frame|A new type high pressure reaction kettle with well frame

A new type of high pressure reactor for well GSA-0.5, the system includes: A. well sub frame floor type b. volume: 500ML c. kettle cover, kettle body and internal components material:   316 stainless steel d. kettle cover double seal e. limit pressure, temperature: 10Mpa, 300 degrees C f. kettle lid is equipped with:   […]

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Reactor failure phenomena, causes and elimination methods|Reactor failure phenomena, causes and elimination methods

  phenomenon: the kettle cover, the kettle body sealing surface leakage. ;   reason: main nut loose; sealing surface damage. ;   elimination method: the main nut is tightened; trimming and polishing sealing surface. ;   phenomenon: leakage of the valve or connection. ;   reason: valve pin, valve sealing surface damage, screw loose. ; […]

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High pressure reactor installation|High pressure reactor installation

high pressure reaction kettle use installation:         1 before the installation, the first to check the connection parts, fasteners and transmission parts are firm and reliable.         2 when installing the base and to the horizontal and vertical, vertical height of equipment shall not be greater than 1/1000.   […]

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