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Overseas Chinese "anti violence" voice cited concern – "anti violence! To be safe!" According to the "European Times" reported that in August 21st, thousands of overseas Chinese in Paris Beijiao City, aubervilliers chanted slogans, held demonstrations (pictured), requires local governments to improve public security. Not only France, in recent years, in New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and other countries, for overseas Chinese violent robbery cases. Overseas Chinese are no longer silent, through orderly demonstrations, access to the local people, government officials to understand and support, the Chinese Embassy in the country also act quickly. However, to really improve the security situation of the overseas Chinese community, there are many things to do. The Chinese community in the deterioration of Public Security issued a document called "European Times", since this year, the 93 French province aubervilliers, overseas Chinese was violent incidents of looting was getting worse. The evening of January 3rd, Henry? Baerbiaoxi street, there are 3 robberies occurred in just 1.5 hours, the victims were local Chinese residents; in February, the region again occurred against burglary cases in Chinese; July 14th the French National Day eve, the Chinese shooting malignant cases occurred in the city. In August 7th, Zhang Zhaolin was in the center of the trip overseas 3 robbers, died of head injuries. Later, more than two thousand overseas Chinese and local residents of sympathy for the victims in August 21st held a large-scale demonstrations. This is the current French President Hollande since he took office in 2012, the largest demonstrations held China world tour. "In the face of the security situation like this, I really unbearable". Said in the local life for many years the Chinese Ke Haihui, she had been mugged in the local, the robber hit into "panda eyes" experience, while the French police not only for her justice, instead of saying "you can move it" can make her feel bad. In fact, local violence against overseas Chinese is not only in recent years. Back in 2010, Paris beautiful city and other Chinese neighborhoods, almost every day robbery or theft occurred. More serious is that in recent years, New Zealand, Italy, South Africa, the United States and other places have been reported for overseas Chinese violent robbery. In the Oakland region of New Zealand, according to New Zealand tinway network reported recently, within a week, has been a number of overseas Chinese have been tracking, assault, robbery and theft and other serious incidents. A Chinese woman living in Oakland for more than and 20 years, the bar also opened for more than and 10 years. She said her shop was robbed of the times have been numerous, but every time the police alarm in addition to routine questioning and routine procedures, did not get any results. A survey of 10 thousand people in the Xinhua news agency showed that 64% of respondents said they felt unsafe in New Zealand, and that 95% of people think that New Zealand is not enough punishment for criminals. But local police said there was no significant increase in the number of Asians victims. According to "European newspaper" reported that in Italy, in April this year, one day, there were 3 robberies in Prato Chinese case. According to the Losangeles Chinese information network reported that in May this year.相关的主题文章: