Old boy fell out of bed in the forehead, a three pin plug line Sohu


Old boy fell out of bed in the forehead, a three pin plug line Sohu News Express News reporter Peng Cheng reported the children at home playing down is very common, so we must not put sharp objects on the ground. This does not, Whampoa  District of Guangzhou City, a 2 year old boy Chen Chen (a pseudonym) almost died. Express reporter learned that the evening of November 5th, Chen Chen fell out of bed at home, a three pin plug is placed in the ground into the forehead, fortunately timely hospital, Doctor Chen Chen of successful operation will remove the plug. Doctors said that because the plug touches the child’s brain nerve, the next to prevent the occurrence of epilepsy children. The day before yesterday morning, the new express reporter saw Chen Chen in Guangzhou a hospital surgical ward, saw his right forehead wrapped in gauze, "November 9th is his birthday (2), who will think of such a thing." Guardian of the side of the mother, said ms.. Chen Chen dad Mr. Zhang said, they are a rental in Whampoa  district. In late November 5th 11 pm, Chen Chen playing glass ball in bed when accidentally stepped on one glass ball, the foot slipping fell out of bed, hit a three pin plug heads, the plug is inserted into the forehead of children. CNR then was removed and sent to Guangzhou city hospital. According to the hospital department of Neurosurgery director Chang Huimin introduced in November 6th, Chen Chen was pushed into the operation room, after 3 hours of surgery, the plug is removed. According to the present situation, the child has no life danger. But he stressed that because the plug touches the nerve, so in the next observation treatment, the doctor will focus on preventing children from epilepsy, if the observation period is stable, then two weeks after discharge. (material person: anonymous bonus: 100 yuan)相关的主题文章: