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"Ode to joy" Juan Zi shot 2 strong on-line "tyrannical" Liu Tao – actor Juan Zi Sohu Sohu entertainment entertainment news modern drama "Ode to joy" 2 are currently in Shanghai filming the drama, the continuation of the first quarter of the plot, will live in Ode to joy District 22 building five different personalities but loving girls’ story to explain to the audience. Since the boot in September 27th, in the network, new media and other platforms by the industry and outside attention, the heat is not high. The famous actor Juan Zi joined the "Ode to joy" as the 2 bag lady, with the second quarter bag lady "arrival" will be solved problems last season and Andy Yang Shuo total packet emotion attribution. The all star team continued high popularity of the "Ode to joy" in the first quarter by Jane Liu Tao, Sichuan? Directed, Jiang Xin, Wang Ziwen, Yang Zi, Yang Shuo, Wang Kai, Jin Dong and other popular actor starred in the second season, in addition to the continuation of the upper part of the play the all star team, Juan Zi and Morni Chang play bone join to help out so this the work is more shining. In the current domestic urban drama also entangled in the cycle of small household affairs, mistress of sadomasochism, "Ode to joy" for a moment, seems to have occurred in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen, Shanghai drift drift of young people’s story, successfully attracted attention and follow the play a large audience. Five girls live in a residential building, with their longing for the cause and expectations of love together, they accept each other and become bestie from each other to speculation, and grow together. In the second season, they will continue their Shanghai drift life, experiencing the city to give everyone the passions. "Make an empress" the tyranny of Andy a few decades ago, a "Princess" on both sides of the Changjiang River Huobian, little swallow, crape myrtle, Jin Suo Ruby Lin Zhao Wei Princess Fan Bingbing, for a time no one did not know wurenbuxiao. In addition to these now or a star, make an empress noble is more gentle, I like the spring rain moistens the hearts of the audience, often encounter difficulties to the queen, empress Juan always protect them, Juan Zi is also an actor for this role as good as the incarnation of the audience in mind. In the "Ode to joy" has 2 exposure stills, Juan Zi, stylish and beautiful, strong and arrogant behavior are significant posture, people can not help but to pack the role of Mrs. Lenovo, speculation between the "airborne" to Andy Juan Zi is the sum of the packet "spoiler", more online news sources, so an empress in the second season is the task of tyrannical Andy. So contrast, let a lot of "Andy" in Juan Zi micro-blog under the request message, make an empress tender, light child Liu Tao, and look forward to the second quarter as soon as possible to meet with you.   相关的主题文章: