Noble fruit into the homes of ordinary people in Nanning will be more accessible in high speed Logis superrecovery


"Noble fruit" into the homes of ordinary people in Nanning will be more accessible to high speed logistics logistics "highway" more accessible? The twelfth Party Congress in Nanning, cultivating and introducing the modern logistics enterprises, accelerate the China ASEAN International logistics base, Nanning Airport Logistics Park logistics industry cluster construction, promote the development of the logistics industry. At present, Nanning city is facing the regional international trade logistics channel and the national "The Belt and Road" strategy important logistics node city target solid ahead. The former "noble fruit" into the homes of ordinary people to build traceability platform, to ensure food safety; market hardware and software upgrades, electronic settlement transaction convenient and efficient; cold chain logistics fast, build fast channel for the import and export of agricultural products…… In the Guangxi sea Jetion agricultural products international logistics center, the modern logistics service network for agricultural products to achieve warehousing, distribution, trading and other one-stop services. In 2011, Jetion settled in sea engaged in fruit wholesale business for more than 20 years of the Yellow boss with deep feeling, "imported from Thailand, Vietnam and other ASEAN fruit pitaya, in more than ten years ago is" noble fruit ‘, not only to take the goods less, also need to repeatedly transfer, the level of preservation technology is not high. Is now in place, large throughput is also equipped with cold storage preservation, ASEAN fruit has long entered the homes of the people of Nanning." As Guangxi’s largest wholesale market for agricultural products, in the field of fruit wholesale, sea Jetion business accounted for 98% of Nanning, 65% in Guangxi, 39% in Southeast Asia, covering a population of about 300 million, the annual traffic of over 10 million passengers. According to statistics, this year from 1 to September, sea Jetion all kinds of agricultural products totaling a total of 1 million 267 thousand and 300 tons. "We also strive to build" Jetion sea food Bo ", strive to build agricultural products logistics industry business development operation sample, while creating thousands of jobs, to achieve industrial agglomeration and enterprise upgrading." Huang Qunfeng, chairman of Guangxi Jetion International Logistics Co., ltd.. The first three quarters of the steady development of modern logistics industry today, Nanning city leading logistics enterprise more and more and the sea like Jetion is using a highly efficient logistics system, relying on the eco industrial chain, in the "Internet plus" driven, showing a trend to expand further upgrade, build smooth logistic "highway" to Nanning city the steady development of the logistics industry. "12th Five-Year", established in Nanning China ASEAN International logistics base, Jiangnan, Anji, Golden Bridge Logistics Park four, have a certain scale of logistics enterprises with hundreds of city services, radiation docking of modern logistics system of ASEAN southwest, gradually formed; the introduction of "modern logistics industry in Nanning City three years of action plan" (2015 – 2017) put forward the "15510" development strategy of logistics industry. Especially this year, an important logistics node city the city efforts to build the ASEAN International Channel and national "The Belt and Road" strategy, speeding up the logistics parks and the construction of major projects, the cultivation of modern logistics enterprises, one after another good news – July 6th, Nanning earthquake and Nanning Ocean Logistics Co. Ltd. Railway Bureau, Chengdu iron.相关的主题文章: