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No animation at night! A week of Japanese animation viewing in October is coming soon. Are all the partners ready? Although October has not come, but most of the July have not been finished, do not know what the partners are watching every day? Recently, the Japanese ratings survey website has published the ranking of animation ratings in the last week of Guandong area. Do you want to know if you have recently been on the list? Come and look at the penguins. The first "conch" Miss second "A dream" special program third "Chibi Maruko" Fourth "Sea King" fifth "Dragon Ball" super sixth "detective Conan" seventh "monster watch" Eighth "Ninth" reverse the referee "Japanese folk story" Tenth "elf treasure can dream XYZ" "circle of 2" from the state’s list of Netizens found that night animation basic The whole army was wiped out. As well as the "conch" Miss "Duo A dream" "Chibi Maruko" such children to animations, only some of the traditional strong fan. It is worth noting that this year’s April works "reversal of the referee" is also on the list. The reversion of the referee tells that a client involved in a strange event will be punished by the law. The hero rookie lawyer Wright dragon, in order to clear the suspicion that they stand up. All the way before the result is not too ideal, but in October – and a strong hit, we can expect to see whether there is a dark horse in October can break into this list.

深夜動畫全不行! 日本一周動畫收視公開十月番馬上就要來了,小伙伴們都准備好了嗎?雖然十月番還沒來,但是七月番大部分都還沒有完結,不知道小伙伴們每天都在看什麼番呢?最近,日本收視率調查網站公佈了上周關東地區的動畫收視率排名,想知道你最近追的番有沒有上榜嗎?快跟著企鵝娘一起來看看吧。第一位 《海螺小姐》第二位 《哆啦A夢特別節目》第三位 《櫻桃小丸子》第四位 《航海王》第五位 《龍珠超》第六位 《名偵探柯南》第七位 《妖怪手表》第八位 《逆轉裁判》第九位 《日本民間故事》第十位 《精靈寶可夢XYZ》 《境界之輪回2》從這個收視排行中網友們發現,深夜動畫基本全軍覆沒。除了像《海螺小姐》《哆啦A夢》《櫻桃小丸子》這樣的兒童向動畫之外,就只剩下一些傳統強番。值得大傢注意的是今年的四月番作品《逆轉裁判》也榜上有名。《逆轉裁判》講述的是被卷入奇怪事件的委托人們將要受到法律的制裁。主人公新人律師成步堂龍一,為了洗清他們的嫌疑挺身而出。 儘筦之前的新番成勣不太理想,但是十月新番又要強勢來襲,我們可以期待一下十月番中是否有黑馬可以突圍進入這個榜單。相关的主题文章: