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Next week a Sichuan Banan high-speed traffic Guangyuan Expressway not charging Nanchong News Network (reporter Li Kui Intern Cao Xin) October 8th, reporters from the Sichuan Guangyu Pakistan highway development limited liability company was informed that the beginning of October 12th, Banan Yingshan Expressway to the new Palestinian trial opened, marking the Banan Guangzhou expressway will be opened to traffic. The same day, the reporter in the Banan Guangzhou high-speed Yingshan section and the Yilong section of that project construction has been completed, the road is wide and clean, marking, isolation barrier, lighting, signage and so on have been designated and the installation is complete. Part of the road is also equipped with speed measurement facilities. Ma toll station, Xingwen toll station equipment debugging. Banan Guangzhou high-speed Yingshan store to Pakistan middle construction of the main project has been completed, with the traffic conditions. According to the Provincial Department of Transportation Highway Administration notice, Banan Guangzhou high-speed Yingshan store to Pakistan middle will try opening in October 12th." Pakistan Guangyu high, a responsible person, during the trial operation, toll stations along the route will not charge card. Editor: the most important Sichuan Sichuan channel Syria Wei highway planning and site selection approved the west off special official laying out of Sichuan north fast railway corridor at the end of next year and run a Sichuan cotton channel million high-speed public investment cost per kilometer 133 million and a river channel Yi Syria Expressway in Xuyong at the end of June the completion of Chengdu to Dazhou high iron Sichuan channel construction will accelerate this year相关的主题文章: