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New York Times to respond to Trump’s request to withdraw the text: refusal! Court see! – Xinjiang Channel – People’s original title: tangled bucket! New York Times to respond to Trump’s request to withdraw the text: refusal! Court see! What is called "you Changba my debut," the United States presidential election is a "farce" fight like a deduction. Trump, the Republican presidential candidate in the United States in 2005, after the indecent audio exposure to the woman, the New York Times also published in October 13th had been sexually harassed women to talk to the article Trump. This popular campaign subsequently "Rage", the lawyer sent a lawyer’s letter to the "New York Times", it quickly removed the paper and apologize. But "New York Times" did not give, local time in the United States in October 13th, the newspaper lawyers also issued an open letter in response to lawyer Trump, and fear that a court. Some of the contents of the letters from the requirements responded as follows: dear you in October 12, 2016 to Bakui kasowitz, Mr. about the US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump? A letter, I reply in response to. In this article, you write "New York Times" article, "two women said that Trump did not touch them properly," and that the article alleged defamation. You ask us to "immediately withdraw this article and apologize". We refuse to say that. Of course, the essential purpose of libel charges is to protect the reputation. Mr Trump had previously declared that he had never touched a woman "against his will". He also claimed that he had entered the beauty of the dressing room. He acquiesced to the radio host using "asshole" to describe his daughter. Many of the women who had been harassed by Mr. Trump did not appear in our article, but have publicly accused him. Our article has no effect on Trump’s reputation, he has made a reputation for himself through his words and actions. But more importantly, in an interview in our article in women as a national important event sound, of course, Trump also herald in Saturday night’s presidential debate in America and discussed together. Our reporter has been very hard to study these women’s remarks. They also provide Trump’s response to the readers, and he vehemently denies these accusations of women. If they shut up, not only to our readers, but also to democracy itself. We are working within the scope of the law: we publish news content, and people are deeply concerned about the content. If Trump does not agree with the first, if he thinks that the citizens of the United States have no right to listen to these women saying, if he thinks the state law and forced us to dare to criticize his people to remain silent or punished, we are willing to meet him in court, listening to him to introduce the truth. (Zhou Jiying) (Hatton: commissioning editor (Internship), Gul Han Ting)相关的主题文章: