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New York intercepted 4 million 500 thousand dollars and ivory products Department of the local history of the new network in the largest 23 September, according to foreign media reports, recently, the New York authorities announced that cracked the largest in the state’s history a case of illegal ivory smuggling case, seized $4 million 500 thousand worth of ivory and its products. According to reports, the Manhattan district attorney’s office and the New York Environmental Protection Agency issued a joint statement, the authorities have to is located in the New York Metropolitan Art and antiques company sued, illegal ivory accused the company of shopkeepers, the holder and a sales staff to sell or sell $4 million 500 thousand. Data figure according to court documents, the Metropolitan Art and antiques Ltd. is an art and antique shops, the proprietor is two brothers, 46 year old Erwin · Molano and 48 year old Samuel · two people have been "MORANO, engaged in the sale of ivory business since 2007". New York’s Supreme Court has also accused the store and the 62 year old salesman Victor · Qi, such as the commercialization of wild animals, such as the felony of the top two, such as the death of the United States and the United States. The Supreme court. Once convicted, the defendant could be sentenced to three years in prison. New York authorities intercepted illegal ivory and its products include: some ivory sculpture, two pairs of ivory, a set of ivory chess and an ivory carving column. The two pairs of ivory are worth $200 thousand and $150 thousand respectively. The statement said the authorities intercepted ivory from at least 12 elephants". New York Environmental Protection Agency Commissioner Tony · Segos said that New York is the distribution of illegal ivory, far more than California and Hawaii. Segos said the authorities will no longer tolerate similar illegal ivory trade activities. Manhattan district attorney said, in order to protect the wild elephants in New York since 2014 on the implementation of strict legislation banning the sale of ivory. It is reported that disguised as ivory buyer plainclothes officers and investigators in New York in central Manhattan, an art and antique stores seized this batch of ivory products. Although officials say they do not know where they came from, they said that most of the ivory carvers were in china. It is understood that the number of African savanna elephant is a 27000 annual head (about 8%) of the rate of decline. Over the past ten years, there have been 144000 elephants disappear.相关的主题文章: