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Netizen AA travel accounts detonated questioned the team called "rough" – in the hope that this man completely disappeared from the Chengdu outdoor." Yesterday, in a "looking to roll thick Chengdu outdoor ring network group, there are people in a discussion, put down such a relentless". In this temporary group formed by 41 users, such remarks can be seen everywhere. The mouth of the "the people", is the National Day in the name of the organization for the tour pal, through the network platform, take them to play the Daocheng Aden friends, looking ", but this trip eventually became part of accounts for. So many players online to denounce a centralized leader, also once caused Chengdu outdoor ring vibration. Chengdu Daily reporter survey found that the social networking platform launched the "social travel", generally by the person or organization who set the destination in response to pay the corresponding fees together after AA travel, although more and more young people sought after, but in practice there are many problems, there is a huge financial risk and easily lead to disputes. AA travel team members questioned the suspect accounts detonated Mr. Zhang said, is about the end of September, looking on the platform tour pal release a post about the activities of the organization, to play Daocheng in Aden. After the end of the collection, a total of 51 users registered. According to the post show, the fare is 800 yuan per person to flee in advance, "accommodation and tickets cost way to AA accounting field." At the same time with two bank card information looking left. Several players participate in the trip to Chengdu Business Daily reporter confirmed that all charges were finally delivered to the whole trend one hands, and under its own accounting and expenditure. Mr. Zhang said that the original activity budget is 1800 yuan, but to the back to 2600 yuan, the most controversial is the fare and accommodation, the fare is 540 yuan, she received 800 yuan; Xinduqiao rate is 220, she received 400 yuan; that is the five-star hotel, with the result that CYTS as……" After combing, we found that there are as many as several million dollars on the account." But the Chengdu Daily reporter found, the accused has no any real evidence to support only mere verbal questioning. The forum is temporarily cancel sponsor intervention right to publish in October 10th, initially released active solicitation website released a tour pal, "on" looking event "notice", called "temporarily cancel any activity in the forum issued by right", and said "early forum has been investigating this event". Yesterday, the forum is also responsible for the senior tour pal Mr. Guo told the Chengdu Daily reporter, after the incident, he has been through the phone and WeChat with outstanding communication. For I have the corresponding qualifications before looking, Mr Guo said, with activity belongs to the nature, does not need a tour guide certificate. Mr Guo said that if the trend can’t handle things will never regain her posting rights. Chengdu Daily reporter contacted by QQ said she had been looking, no problem, this time everyone Skywarp is mainly the accommodation problem, "the way we met a piano for Aden Hotel for breach of contract, housing相关的主题文章: