National Day 7 days in Hangzhou, West Lake, the release of free steamed bread has been praised by to queer as folk


National Day 7 days in Hangzhou West Lake free Steamed Buns has insisted for 5 years by the tourists praise (Figure) Hangzhou West Lake a free Steamed Buns fire into the circle of friends tourists favorite National Day Golden Week this year, the West Lake scenic area in the country always topped the hot spots in the rankings, according to the West Lake Scenic Area Management Committee statistics, as of last night, the West Lake scenic area welcoming the cumulative 4 million 907 thousand and 400 passengers, compared to the same period last year a total of 3 million 724 thousand and 700 passengers, an increase of 31.75%. The free attractions welcoming a total of 4 million 72 thousand and 600 passengers, 834 thousand and 800 passengers to the cumulative charges attractions. Compared to the number of nearly 4 years, the National Day golden week West Lake tourist attractions, in fact, since the beginning of 2012, the annual National Day golden week, West Lake scenic passenger flow volume in a gradual decline, this year is nearly four years, the West Lake scenic area for the first time in the Golden Week staged a big rebound in total passenger traffic. More tourists, then the feeling is not a lot of difference? Flower administration staff Ding Gaofeng did not think so, on the contrary, in his view, the West Lake scenic area preparedness plus the quality of tourists increased significantly, almost every scenic spot to tourists, are smiling away, tourists said, West Lake is very beautiful, for the work of West Lake people are very warm. 11 noon yesterday, Ding Gaofeng and colleagues carried 10 cage just steamed 500 Steamed Buns good, walked from the canteen to SUDI south side smile Pavilion, the Steamed Buns Steamed Buns is love, all free to tourists, not only during the National Day golden week every day, weekends every tourist season also delivered, since 2012 up to now, has sent tens of thousands of Steamed Buns. "Not what hotel or snack bar nearby tourists out of Sir Georg Solti, afraid of attractions will be hungry, so send Steamed Buns, let them first mat stomach, Steamed Buns canteens do, send to all hands still warm." Yesterday, the peak of duty on the peak, less than 15 minutes, all of the steamed out, a lot of foreign tourists received bread, surprise, and then steamed bread with a group of friends to send photos. Ding Gaofeng said: "most people will boast Hangzhou is good, some people say the warm Steamed Buns like warm Hangzhou, cordial and delicate and warm hearts, some people will say that Hangzhou is really a good place, both free and free travel, Steamed Buns." Ding Gaofeng said that every time to see the reaction of tourists, they feel tired again is also very worthwhile.相关的主题文章: