Nanjing Chengguan night law enforcement assassination perpetrators have repeatedly resisted law enfo-winavi video converter


Nanjing urban management law enforcement at night the assassination of Ren Keming’s desk before the photo the assailant had repeatedly resist law enforcement incident near the South Gate Dabei two interview with Ren Keming on the law enforcement recorder, work permit and daily work record of the night before, Ren Keming with the team during a regular inspection, he does not think that this will be the last time he officiated. When they encountered the "old acquaintance", the mobile fruit vendor Ge Mou, the education and advice, the other party suddenly held a knife. When the players saw Ren Keming fall down, everything was late, and though he had saved his life, he could not save his life. What happened to prevent vendors attack, inspectors and Deputy instructor was yesterday afternoon, Nanjing Xuanwu District Propaganda Department issued a "about Comrade Ren Keming on duty in the briefing, the events described in detail. Informed that night (September 21st) 10 pm, Ren Keming led the 4 inspectors to normal inspection inspectors, inspections to Xinzhuang bus station, Anhui Bozhou man Ge Moumou by a Dongfeng truck in the slow lane illegal Lane selling fruit. Several inspectors came to understand the situation, pointed out that it may not be Jeeves, Ge Moumou then drove away, the inspectors continue to patrol elsewhere. Soon, the inspectors found that GE will transfer to the car near the Nanjing Forestry University two North Lane, lane to sell fruit. Law enforcement officers get off to the education away, Ge Moumou suddenly took out a fruit knife threatened not to utter a single word, the inspectors, the inspectors Xie Mou 3 people immediately came to the knife, Ren Keming, Ge Moumou to prevent violence and injury players approached discouraged, Ge Moumou from Xiemou et al control, shouchijiandao stabbed Ren Keming in the stomach. Then Ren Keming was sent to the hospital of Integrated Chinese and Western medicine in Jiangsu Province, and the rescue was unfortunate and died. Reporters visited his work record in September 21st. It is understood that Ren Keming, 45 years old, graduated from Nanjing Forestry University. He was the first batch of urban management members in Nanjing Municipal Administration Bureau in 1997. He has a son and is in grade five this year. Yesterday, the modern express reporter came to Ren Keming’s work suojin Village Street squadron interview. On the office’s public display wall, there was a picture of all the members of the team, and the Deputy instructor, Ren Keming, stood third in the left front of the front row. He was older in the team from age. Ren Keming’s office, the desk is new, office equipment is new, who has followed his hometown what are placed in the three boxes and a snakeskin bags, didn’t take out. It turned out that in September 20th, the City Management Squadron had just moved, and the old man had not been able to do it well. The reporter saw a daily work record on his desk. This is a book that is almost finished, from August 31, 2015 to the 21 day of the accident. The reporter thumbed through the book, there are many matters every day Ren Keming record, most of the illegal building, street renovation, management object and business talk, learning etc.. In the record book, the reporter noted that several times have mentioned "Sheng Shihua’s general," the time span for several months. Yesterday afternoon, reporters came to the road Longpan Vista District, and through the contact property where the total. "It’s a pity that I know him, and the precious life is gone!" He said, I and Ren Keming not too familiar, "added up to meet two times, not more than 10 minutes." He said, when the first meeting was met, Ren Keming greeted him first. "Sorry, I’ll be busy for a while." After a while, Ren Keming came out and gave him a glass of water. In the course of the conversation, there were people from time to time. The second meeting, the shorter time. "I feel like he’s busy. He’s too busy. Besides, I am managed by an object and talk for some things. He is talking about things for a long time for solving the problem, and never loses his temper. He said. It is understood that the old early yesterday heard about it, he also inquired about the Ren Keming family contact, ready to cheer. Colleagues mourn he very good, can not believe this is true yesterday, WeChat public number Nanjing Qixia city "published to commemorate Ren Keming’s article, which quoted a colleague’s words," and he stayed for a month, he is very concerned about the new players, colleagues is also very good. Once illegal action, sent lunch enough, he will give it to our new comrades. A colleague away from home is worth the night shift, and he will offer to ask us to go back early. He’s on his own. " It is understood that Ren Keming’s character is wide and flat, and the popularity of the squadron has always been very good. At noon yesterday, when the reporter was in the squadron, he saw a city manager sitting on the side of his eyes. His colleague called him to eat. He said "don’t eat, don’t want to eat". "I saw more news at 7 in the morning. I couldn’t believe it was true at all. I can’t believe it." Zhao Hua (a pseudonym) is a veteran City manager who has worked for over 20 years. Yesterday, he told reporters that although he had nothing to do with Ren Keming, it still shocked him. "I’ve been in Nanjing for more than 20 years, and this is the worst violence I’ve heard of." Zhao Hua said that a lot of the city team members heard about it and mourned him in the circle of friends. "It’s really sad." Zhao Hua said, as the inspectors, to be with the hawker stalls wits every day, really tired, every day is to start from zero. The mobile vendors you’ve just been advised to come out today will come out tomorrow, and the sense of career achievement is too low. And many people do not understand the city tube, do not know the job is not easy. Sina micro-blog "@ bridge @ family" also issued a blog "to participate in their own funeral" yesterday, the micro-blog account certification is also a Nanjing city tube. In the blog, he said, "four days ago, I also encountered violence against vendors, and the other party was detained for 10 days in administrative detention. Two violent anti – law events in a week, and so similar, I suddenly felt so close to my own death. " In the face of his sudden departure, he said, "what’s the city management? The violent anti law I encountered with Ren Keming, all unexpected emergencies, were completely unprepared in advance. How do you know the sudden violence in the common persuasion process? This uncertainty makes the danger of law enforcement increase greatly, and the difficulty of law enforcement is unprecedented. It is understood that Ren Keming as a result of the anti violence law in Nanjing killed, urban management team is the first to occur. However, in the process of law enforcement, inspectors encounter violent resistance to law has so many wounded injured. Ren Keming had obtained illegal Xuanwu District institutions appraisal advanced individual honor in 2009 2011 2013 advanced individual assessment of outstanding institutions 2014 Nanjing city urban management law enforcement team Youth Olympic security advanced individual, the comprehensive improvement of the environment of Xuanwu District big one hundred days in 2015 Nanjing city advanced individual Corps administrative law enforcement of city management advanced individual events perpetrators jingfangxingju it is understood that law enforcement has repeatedly resisted, suojin Village Street squadron has more than 10 members of the law enforcement management, include suojin village community and the Nanjing Forestry University and other universities and institutions of a population, is the emphasis and difficulty of management. Especially the Xinzhuang turntable near Jeeves, night repeated. Yesterday, when reporters interviewed at the scene, a courier named Qiu said that often one night, the slow lane near the turntable was blocked by tricycles, fruit trucks and so on. It is understood that the murderer, Ge, is 38 years old this year. The relevant notice said, since 2013, Ge Moumou in Xuanwu District, suojin village, Hongshan area, long-term occupation of the city road selling fruit, has three times the administrative punishment was Xuanwu urban management department, still do not listen to discourage, repeatedly Jeeves, repeatedly resist law enforcement. At present, GE and XX was detained by the Xuanwu branch of the Nanjing Public Security Bureau for suspicion of intentional injury. A number of working groups have been set up in the Xuanwu District to do a good job of the related aftermath.

南京城管夜间执法遇刺身亡 行凶者此前多次抗拒执法 事发的南林大北二门附近 任克明之前接受采访的照片 任克明办公桌上的执法记录仪、工作证以及每日工作记录本   前天晚上,任克明带着队员例行巡查时,他不会想到,这会是他最后一次执法。当他们遭遇“老熟人”、流动水果摊贩葛某某时,对其教育劝离,对方突然持刀行凶。队员们看到任克明倒下时,一切都已经晚了,虽经全力抢救,还是没能挽回他的生命。   事情经过   阻止摊贩行凶,城管副指导员被刺   昨天下午,南京市玄武区委宣传部发布了一份“关于任克明同志因公殉职的情况通报”,对事情经过做了详细的描述。通报称,当晚(9月21日)10时许,任克明带领4名城管队员进行正常的城管巡视检查,巡查至新庄公交站台时,发现安徽亳州籍男子葛某某用一辆东风牌轻型卡车在慢车道上违法占道卖水果。几名城管队员上前了解情况,指出其不得占道经营,葛某某遂驾车驶离,城管队员继续到别处巡查。   不久,城管队员发现葛某某又将车转移到南京林业大学北二门附近快车道,继续占道卖水果。执法人员下车后继续对其教育劝离,葛某某一言不发,突然拿出水果刀威胁城管队员,城管队员谢某等3人随即上前夺刀,任克明为防止葛某某行凶伤害队员,上前劝阻,葛某某挣脱谢某等人控制,手持尖刀刺中任克明的腹部。随即任克明被送往江苏省中西医结合医院,抢救无效不幸身亡。   记者探访   他的工作记录定格在了9月21日   据了解,今年45岁的任克明毕业于南京林业大学,是1997年南京市城管局第一批通过社会公开招考录取的城管队员。他有一个儿子,今年上五年级。   昨天,现代快报记者来到任克明生前工作的锁金村街道城管中队采访。在办公室的公示墙上,有全体队员的合影,副指导员任克明站在前排左起第三个。从年龄上看,他算是队伍中比较年长的了。   任克明的办公室,桌子是新的,办公设备也是新的,那些一直跟随他的老家什都放在三个纸箱和一个蛇皮拎袋里,没拿出来。原来,9月20日,城管中队刚刚搬家,老任还没来得及好好收拾。   记者在他的办公桌上看到一本每日工作记录。这是一本快记完了的本子,时间从2015年8月31日起,一直到出事的21日白天。记者大概翻了一下记录本,任克明每天记录的事项都很多,大部分是拆违、街巷整治、找管理对象谈话,以及业务学习等。   在记录本上,记者注意到,有好几次都提到了“盛世华庭何总”,时间跨度有好几个月。   昨天下午,记者来到龙蟠路上的盛世华庭小区,并通过物业联系到了何总。“我认识他,太可惜了,宝贵的生命就这样没了!”老何说,自己其实和任克明不算太熟,“加起来见过两次面,不超过10分钟。”   他说,第一次见面时,任克明就先跟他打招呼,“不好意思,我先忙一会。”过一会,任克明出来,拿了一杯水给他。在谈话过程中,还不时地有人来找。   第二次见面,时间更短。“我感觉他就是忙,太忙了。另外,我是被管理对象,为一些事情来谈话的,他都是出于解决问题的目的,温和地谈事情,从来没有发脾气。”老何说。   据了解,老何昨天一早就听说了这件事,他还打听任克明家人的联系方式,准备去慰问。   同事悼念   他人缘很好,不敢相信这是真的   昨天,微信公众号“南京栖霞城管”发表了纪念任克明的文章,其中引用了一位同事的话,“就和他呆过一个月,他非常关心新队员,对同事也很好。有一次拆违行动中,送来的盒饭不够,他都让给我们新同志。离家远的同事值夜班,他会主动提出让我们早点回去,他一个人顶着。”   据了解,任克明性格宽厚平和,在中队里人缘一直非常好。昨天中午,记者在中队时就看到一位城管队员坐在一旁,一直流眼泪。同事喊他吃饭,他说“不吃了,不想吃”。   “我早上7点多看到的消息,根本不敢相信这是真的,赶紧找人核实,这才相信。”赵华(化名)是一名有着20多年工作经验的老城管了,昨天,他告诉记者,虽然自己与任克明并无交集,但这件事仍然让他十分震惊。“我在南京当了20多年城管,这是我听说的最恶劣的暴力抗法。”赵华说,很多城管队员听说这件事后,都在朋友圈里悼念他,“真的让人很难过。”   赵华表示,作为城管,每天都要跟小摊小贩斗智斗勇,确实身心疲惫,“每天都是从零开始。你今天刚刚劝走的流动摊贩,明天还会出来,职业成就感太低。而且很多人都不理解城管,不知道这份工作的不易。”   新浪微博“@桥上人家”昨天也发布了博文《参加自己的葬礼》,该微博账号的认证者也是一名南京城管。在博文中,他说,“此前四天,我也遭遇摊贩暴力抗法,对方被行政拘留10天。一周之内两起暴力抗法事件,又如此相似,我突然感到死亡离自己如此之近。”   面对突然离世的同行,他说,“城管怎么了?我与任克明遭遇的暴力抗法,都是意料之外的突发事件,事前完全没有思想准备。你怎知道很普通的劝说过程中,对方突然施暴?这种不确定性,让执法危险大大增加,城管执法难度前所未有。”   据了解,任克明此次因暴力抗法殉职,在南京城管队伍中是第一次发生。不过,执法过程中,城管队员遭遇暴力抗法受伤挂彩的,则非常多。   任克明生前获得的荣誉   2009年事业单位考核先进个人   2011年玄武区拆违工作先进个人   2013年事业单位考核优秀   2014年南京市城管执法队伍青奥会保障先进个人,玄武区环境综合整治“大干一百天”先进个人   2015年南京市总队城市管理行政执法先进个人   事件进展   行凶者被刑拘   曾多次抗拒执法   据了解,锁金村街道城管中队有执法队员10多名,管理范围包括锁金村多个人口聚集的社区以及南京林业大学等高校和企事业单位,是管理重点也是难点。尤其是新庄转盘附近,晚上占道经营屡禁不止。   昨天记者在现场采访时,一位姓邱的快递员表示,经常一到晚上,转盘附近慢车道就被三轮车、卖水果的卡车等堵上,也多次看到城管队员执法整治环境。   据了解,行凶的葛某某今年38岁。相关通报中称,自2013年起,葛某某在玄武区锁金村、红山地区长期占用城市道路贩卖水果,先后三次被玄武城管部门行政处罚,仍然不听劝阻,反复占道经营,多次抗拒城管执法。   目前,葛某某因涉嫌故意伤害致人死亡,被南京市公安局玄武分局刑事拘留。玄武区已成立多个工作组,做好相关善后事宜。相关的主题文章: