Nanjing bus passengers and muck cars collide with blood (video) 1256789


Nanjing bus passengers and muck cars collide and bloody 8 points yesterday morning, in the Qixia District Lian Road and Hengxiang road at the junction of the intersection, a 206 bus and a muck truck collided with two cars were severely damaged, scary is there are a number of passengers on the bus, some people had blood on his face. Reporters rushed to the scene, the injured passengers have been rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. It is understood that a total of 8 passengers were injured in the accident, of which two were seriously injured, but fortunately no life-threatening. Muck car front and bus side were severely damaged, seen at the time of the impact of how violent. Muck truck driver said: the other side of the bus ran a red light, rain road skid hit go. Witnesses said: the bus broke into the yellow light, two people dispute, as if the bus driver also admitted to break the Yellow light. Witnesses said that after the incident the first time the bus driver said, he drove the car turn left, light signal display light is yellow, the muck car start too fast, resulting in the accident. Currently, the traffic police department is doing further investigation of the accident. Today, the yellow light has become one of the main causes of traffic accidents. I do not know since when, red light stop, green line, yellow light on the line, this bad atmosphere began to pop up. In fact, the majority of people still have luck, I think it is nothing to break a yellow light, did not attach importance to this matter. However, the yellow lights also belong to traffic violations will be punished according to law. A lot of people for the yellow light is how to define is still very vague. That public security departments: when the yellow light, the body of any part once crossed the stop line, the car can continue to pass, can not be regarded as running yellow lights. However, if the car does not cross the stop line can not pass. Yellow light driving behavior, will be sentenced to 6 points, fined $200 penalty. The bus muck truck collided with a number of passengers were injured相关的主题文章: