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Nanjing a kindergarten 21 children vomiting, diarrhea or for food poisoning – Sohu news fourth class "babe" medical records, "vomit", "have a fever", "a total of 5 to 6 times". The evening of November 5th, there are parents to surging News reported, November 3rd to 5, Nanjing city Yuhuatai District kindergarten class 4 grand water has more than 20 children have been vomiting, stomach pain, dizziness, fever and other phenomena. On the morning of 6, the kindergarten Yang Xuan to surging news said that on the afternoon of 5 6 points from her fourth class (class K3d) teacher at the understanding of the matter, has passed the kindergarten health care teacher reported to the Yuhua District CDC, "CDC will be on Monday (7 days) to understand the examination, will have a conclusion in the end. What causes this situation." On the evening of 6, Yuhuatai District Education Bureau in the office director Ye Shuyan on surging news said, according to the grand water kindergarten statistics, a total of 21 senior class children vomiting, diarrhea and other physical symptoms. "The Education Bureau attaches great importance to this matter, on Monday morning, the District Education Bureau in conjunction with the market supervision department and the CDC to understand and analyze the matter Sheung Shui grand kindergarten, I will give parents a reply." The same class more than one child vomiting, stomach pain and other symptoms Zhang Beibei (a pseudonym) is the kindergarten class 4 students. According to his father Zhang Yi (a pseudonym), Saturday (5) morning, Audrey suffered vomiting, have a fever. Do not worry because the child’s condition, in the afternoon the children who brought Beibei to the Nanjing military region 81 hospital, and the blood routine examination, found that blood is high, "said the doctor is acute enteritis." "At that time, we did not think anything, that only my child so." At about 7 in the evening around the class, the parents of the WeChat group have parents said their children had vomiting, stomach pain, etc.. Zhang Yicai realized that a lot of kids Beibei class where there are vomiting phenomenon. Parent group chat records show that from 3 to No. 5, the class has more than 20 children vomiting, stomach pain and other phenomena. The situation is also accompanied by severe fever. Among them, a number of children have been sent to hospital for treatment, hanging water. Zhang Yi said, "I told the doctor that many children in the same class have vomited, he said it could be food poisoning." According to the class introduction, fourth class of 27 children, Thursday (4 days) the day a few children leave, didn’t go to class, the other 20 children, starting early Friday morning, after vomiting, dizziness, stomach pain and other symptoms. There are parents to the surging news reporter said that Friday morning his child also vomiting, but second days after a day of sleep a lot better, relatively light". She told reporters that her children in the school to eat less, so the vomiting is not too serious. Another child of parents said their children before the shrimp allergen specifically told the teacher, "do not give children to eat shrimp with things", this is one of the few children did not appear vomiting and dizziness "survivors". According to the nursery menu, one of the dishes on Thursday lunch is.相关的主题文章: