Mrs. Yan Ni, long live the crew in fighting Xu Yajun – Entertainment Sohu to burn the bridge after c


"Mrs. Yan Ni," long live the crew in fighting Xu Yajun entertainment Sohu – burn the bridge after crossing it "long live the wife" all creative debut Anhui TV "super big Premiere" Yan Ni, Xu Yajun participated in the "life experiment station" game Sohu entertainment news TV drama "long live the wife" will appear in Lu Anhui TV in September 8th. In September 1st, the drama recording Anhui TV "super big Premiere" program in Beijing, starring Yan Ni, Xu Yajun, Ziqi Zhao, Tan Kai, starring Yuan Wenkang, Zhu Rui, Sheng Guansen, Xi son attended the event, the atmosphere was warm. Yan Ni wore a purple shirt and black skirt collocation stitching, slim beauty out of the sky, Ziqi Zhao wearing a red skirt elegant temperament. Attracted fans as cheerful as a lark, popular hot spot. "Long live the wife" cherish the day fighting crew cronies into enemy "long live the wife" as the two growth of women, about three different life forms of marriage and family affection, friendship and love story, by showing the modern women to break through the traditional role, realize the identity change in the process of anxiety and pain, salute all pay for the family of the ladies. The premiere of the scene, they talked about the play starring role, and broke a lot of shooting anecdotes. Followed by the game, Yan Ni and Xu Yajun each faction. Two groups of players are good, in the game adopted piecemeal. In the "life experimental station" link, wear goggles and other equipment of the guests are too adorable. The host serial question after Yan Ni accept the wrong spray egg punishment, lead the fans again and again. "What are the minority taboo to praise their children, think this is unfortunate." In this regard, the guests who have said there is such a taboo in kazak. Through this link is also a test of the life experience of the guests, but also to the scene of the audience followed up posture, we have said a lot of harvest. Yan Ni and Xu Yajun against the growth of skin care Gexianshentong about skin care, stars each merit. Yan Ni joked that the skin by retouching, host praise is really a blunt girl, then she said no need to maintenance, just go with the flow. Xu Yajun said that the need for a better than the law and a healthy attitude towards life, will radiate youthful vitality. Tan Kai said he would eat a lot of preservatives, and pay attention to exercise. Yuan Wenkang’s eyes can be so God also depends on a good rest. Guests are on the skin to maintain the flow of time, the scene airborne three beauties, so guests amazed. Three beautiful girls like tall and graceful, but almost fifty years old. Sheng Guansen of beauty and unyielding than the push up, praise the amazing strength. The guests after the "charade" "hear your voice" "life" part of the game, but also give full play to their the singing and acting, leading the audience chorus. The guests make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks attracted the audience laugh. The show will be in 22:00 tonight at Anhui satellite TV to meet you. "Long live the wife," a lot of fun crew, the audience came to Taiwan to bring endless joy. It is reported that the play by the Beijing red culture hall.相关的主题文章: