Mother with 5 year old daughter to jump off their own child was stopped dead


The mother took his 5 year old daughter jumping was stopped the children fall dead original title: with his mother stopped jumping together young girls jailed for 12 years, net Daoxian County October 28th news (correspondent Liao Yuean Chen Lijun) because of family conflicts, the desire to bring the woman what a just over 5 years old daughter jumped from the 3 floor to Dutch act, young girls fall death. October 27th, the people’s Court of Hunan, Daoxian County, the first instance of the case open verdict, intentional homicide sentenced the defendant to twelve years imprisonment, deprived of political rights for one year. A Henan man Hemou and cohabitation when working in Guangdong, in May 2011 26 gave birth to a daughter. Later, the Henan man disappear without a trace. 2012, Hemou and Chen Yi (a pseudonym) acquaintance. 2013 Lunar New Year’s day, two people put wine according to local customs, to live together in the name of husband and wife. He changed his name to Chen Jia (a pseudonym). On the morning of February 12, 2016, Hemou and her mother-in-law Chen Bing (a pseudonym) and her husband Chen B because of family disputes. He insisted on going together with her daughter Chen Jia to leave, Chen Yi stopped, he asked to refund the bride price money and at the money, and push a chen. Hemou mood more excited, Chen Jia will take to the 3 floor of the roof, and want to wear a suicide jump together with chen. In the meantime, Hemou Chen Jiabao will be on the fence, resulting in falling from the roof of the building, where he wanted to jump together, Chen was stopped by Chen Jia. Where a family with Chen Jia will be sent to the Daoxian People’s Hospital. Chen Jiajing hospital rescue, invalid death. After identification, Chen Jia from the height of the head and fall, causing skull fracture, intracranial hemorrhage and brain tissue fragmentation and overflow and death. The court held that the defendant Hemou subjectively with Chen Dutch act together intent, and said to Dutch act means, objective implementation will be just over 5 years old Chen Jiabao on the roof of the fence, should have foreseen the harmfulness of this behavior, Chen will still be in danger. He has the protection Chen security obligations, but letting Chen Jiadiao downstairs and death the consequences, the subjective and objective elements of crime of intentional homicide, the defendant Hemou behavior constituted the crime of intentional homicide. Considering the case due to family disputes triggered, Hemou in mental stimulation under the impulse to commit crime, and actively after the victim rushed to hospital, to recognize their mistakes, repentance, their behavior is also obtained and the relatives of the victim’s understanding, the discretion given a lighter punishment according to law. To this end, the court made the decision. Editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章: