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Miss Chen Heruo wind staged gaming sit? Friends: this lamp has a light work about 35 friends for dinner, it is the most happy thing, but if a few people together do not eat, do not chat, collective gaming sit, rely on the idea of playing League opened the black, can be described as funny than sense. Coincidentally, they are the most fun to play the game in three, the funniest game in the world will play the game, Chen, Miss, if the wind. Miss Miss not only in the studio Huya high popularity, in the circle, is also very popular, many friends. Recently, in the end they live by tiger about gaming prodigy Chen and big nose if the wind Hot pot to eat together. Although I do not know what is this combination, but users seem to feel that he has a light bulb glare, as if the brightest star in the sky. No matter how complicated the relationship, three people talk very happy, just after the king of glory in the tiger Chen seems not foot addiction yiyanbuge like racing. Helpless, the restaurant without a computer, so they are addicted to the Internet by opening the black thoughts. The dinner can not drive? No computer does not matter! Three people sitting in rows begin gaming sit, youth addiction vu, it need to undergo shock treatment. Miss micro Bo said, the three of them need a keyboard and mouse, and Chen forwarded micro-blog said display is more important, if the wind is not playing host hair? Or the heart of a good friend to wake up the dream of the people, no Internet, playing with fingers! Miss three people to our perfect interpretation of what is called the eSports team spirit, as long as they are Internet cafes, where. Elementary school students have already started, you can enjoy each other torture. You don’t need a pit mate! (more than @Garry)相关的主题文章: