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Miracle  Games landing HoloLens  speed up the layout of AR ecological chain, game original title: Miracle Games landing HoloLens eco industrial chain to accelerate the layout of AR VR in 2015, AR industry rushed detonated, become the next outlet. The new Microsoft news release in 2015 AR HoloLens, stunning four, the end of February this year, HoloLens officially unveiled an open book. March 30th at the Microsoft Build 2016 Developers Conference, Microsoft announced that it had opened the book of HoloLens holographic AR glasses developer version will be officially shipped. HoloLens turned out to lead to a black tide of science and technology. 2016 – July, a AR game wizard treasure can dream Go, Pokemon Go brush burst the world. As we all know, the wizard treasure can dream Go, Pokemon Go is a very simple AR (augmented reality) game, which allows many companies to see the great potential of augmented reality technology. With the early layout of the AR circle Microsoft "elf treasure dream can agree without prior without previous consultation, Go, Pokemon Go" success will bring unlimited business opportunities for the entire AR industry. As the global Windows (Globe Windows Game GWGC developer alliance sponsor Miracle Games Conference) this year has became one of the first domestic certification application developers of Microsoft HoloLens, Miracle Games officially announced that it will promote the introduction of Belgium game company Apocalypse (hereafter Hunters SPRL AH), a group of AR games, which help complete version of HoloLens transplantation and log on Microsoft Holographic platform. Miracle Games for a large number of R & D and developers to integrate Win10 cross platform service experience, to provide a one-stop solution for the Windows market. "Demon treasure can dream Go, Pokemon Go" has become a breakthrough in the AR industry, Miracle Games global vice president Mr. Wang Runshi said that in 2020 the global AR and VR market will reach $150 billion, of which VR300 billion, AR is 4 times that of VR, will reach $120 billion. This is a market phenomenon, VR heat was significantly higher, AR is thought to be more valuable. And for all developers and companies, the new seekers never less, only $120 billion is divided into early opportunity cake.   (commissioning editor: Shen Guangqian, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章: