Ministry of defense to respond to China and South Korea defense exchanges due to the negative attitu-e3300


Department of defense responses to South Korea defense exchanges for thad negative attitude data figure: Korean people protest against the deployment of Sade anti missile system in new network on 7 November, according to the Department of defense website news, the media reported that the main reason for South Korea Department of defense held a negative attitude of communication is "SA de" problem. Department of defense news agency said today that the United States on the deployment of the United States, South Korea, the anti missile system, the Chinese side is firmly opposed to the position is clear, will not change. Cherish the hope that the ROK military relations development has made the achievements. The media asked: according to Yonhap reported that South Korean Defense Ministry official said, South Korean defense minister to visit China, South Korea China anti strategic dialogue are difficult in the year as scheduled. Another report said that China is the main reason for the negative attitude of the defense sector exchanges between China and South Korea is Sade problem. What is China’s response to this? Pointed out that the defense ministry, China attaches great importance to the development of China ROK relations, is willing to work with South Korea in respect of the security interests of each, to carry out exchanges and cooperation in the field of defense. On the deployment of the United States, South Korea, anti missile system in Germany, the Chinese side firmly opposed position is clear, will not change. Said the defense ministry, hoped that the ROK military relations have cherished the achievements, from the perspective of regional peace and stability and the fundamental interests of the two peoples, carefully dealing with China strategic security interests, create conditions for the smooth development of bilateral military relations.相关的主题文章: