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Microsoft and FB have to be careful of apple VR secret " " Legion; – Sohu has set up science and technology science and technology Sohu Wenwang Xue Ying recently, foreign media said, "Apple has set up a secret" a VR AR technical team, in the hundred of the teams, currently can determine the "we" including senior technical staff Microsoft Hololens Nick Thompson, VR AR sound engineer Doug Bowman and top experts in the Lytro light field camera manufacturers. In response, insiders said, Apple has been building helmet prototypes in recent months, and CEO Tim · Cook last week for the first time sound, saying that VR AR technology is not a niche product, but "cool."". In fact, Apple has taken acquisition strategy in the VR AR field. From the Swedish facial recognition technology company Polar Rose to Zurich to capture real-time facial animation company Faceshift, 3D real time motion capture technology company PrimeSense to the artificial intelligence enterprise Emotient from Israel, coupled with the recent acquisition of AR technology company Flyby Media, apple AR VR in the purchase way is farther away. It is worth mentioning that, at this stage of the exposure of the apple VR helmet does not seem to go the route (see chart), offbeat but quite satisfactory with Facebook’s Oculus Rift and Microsoft HoloLens home to maintain the unity of aesthetic. As for the technical breakthrough, only the finished product will come out.

微软和FB要小心了 传苹果VR秘密"军团"已组建-搜狐科技      搜狐科技 文 王雪莹   近日,有外媒称,苹果已经“秘密组建”了一支VR AR 技术团队,在这支上百人的队伍中,目前可以确定的“大家”包括微软 Hololens 的音效工程师 Nick Thompson、VR AR 顶级专家 Doug Bowman以及 Lytro光场相机厂商下的资深技术人员。   对此,有知情人称,苹果近几个月一直在打造头盔的原型产品,且CEO蒂姆·库克上个星期也首次发声,表示VR AR技术“不是一个小众产品”而是“很酷”。   事实上,苹果在VR AR领域一直采取收购策略。从瑞典面部识别技术公司 Polar Rose到苏黎世实时面部捕捉动画公司 Faceshift, 从色列实时 3D 运动捕捉技术公司 PrimeSense到美国人工智能企业Emotient,再加上近期收购的AR技术公司Flyby Media,苹果在AR VR收购之路也真是越走越远了。      值得一提的是,现阶段曝光出来的苹果VR头盔似乎并没有走另类路线(参图),而是中规中矩地跟Facebook家的Oculus Rift以及微软家的HoloLens保持了统一审美。至于技术上是否会有另类突破,只能有待成品问世啦。相关的主题文章: