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UnCategorized Michel Adam Lisowski, born on April 16th, 1950 in Warsaw, is the founder and single owner of Fashion Television, a channel that’s devoted to a 24/7 transmit of the fashion world. This is been marked by the man s great passion for the industry and capturing the substance of beauty upon photography and video clip. Lisowski started out in the business globe as a bright Princeton University graduate, with a wide range of opportunities opening up before him. Soon after graduating, he required a risk went on to create a textile production organization in Thailand. As the owner of Eden Group, the future founder of Fashion TV used more than 4,Thousand workers by the year of 1991, enabling them to pay their bills and buy something for themselves or their instant family. He never lost his scarves with the fashion business, which turned out to be really fortunate both for audiences and sponsors of favor TV. Lisowski sold the business on unfavorable terms after the financial crisis that hit Thailand and encircling regions in The early nineties. After leaving Thailand, Michel Adam Lisowski moved to Paris and started to invest his profit real estate. He later .bined that experience with his desire for the fashion industry, resulting in Caf Fashion, certainly one of his most successful and best known projects at the time. Caf Fashion was envisioned by Lisowski like a location for members of the style .munity to meet up and hang out with other people from the industry. It became a hit within that circle because of the owner s social networking skills, which assisted him find well-liked designers to host events at Cafe Fashion and other associated with Lisowski s venues in Paris. The popularity of those events eventually brought Michel Adam Lisowski to .e up with an idea for a TV channel devoted exclusively to the coverage of fashion shows, models, new designers as well as anything else surrounding the style industry. This idea later on developed into a full-fledged transmit under the name of Fashion Television, which Lisowski expertly led towards its success and international brand name recognition with masterfully placed promotions. Michel Adam Lisowski continues to be the only owner of the Fashion TV channel and has voiced plans for expanding its reach into new countries worldwide. The channel itself does not generate him any in.e, but it generates earnings as a brand found in nightclubs, hotels, businesses and various fashion events. He is now married to his wife Maria, with whom they have a daughter named Eva Athena. Throughout his life, Michel Adam Lisowski has also contributed a lot of money to various charity causes, both in his country of home and internationally. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: