Metro line three into the international port area, no longer spend a day on the road (video) aspack


Metro line three into the international port area, do not need to spend a day on the road, November 8th at twelve, the highly anticipated Xi’an metro line officially opened on the line three. So far, the four national development zones in Xi’an will be through the subway line three, formally connected as a whole. The Xi’an International Port District, No. three line opened not only changed the port district residents travel mode, life style and consumption patterns, and to a great extent for the development of the port area opened up a golden road. Since then, the life of the international port area has changed greatly. 12:30 at noon, the first half of the first half of the car, the international port district, the new building of the 20 streets of the old man came to the bonded area station. For them, this article from the international port district to the South and west of the city subway, they awaited. It is reported that these old people are invited to the international port area staff, in order to meet the aspirations of the elderly to see the subway ride in Xi’an, the first day of the opening of metro line three port area organizations they try the subway. 71 year old uncle lee is very excited about this test ride, he said it was his first time to take the subway, feeling no less than the Chinese New Year holiday. Remember ten years ago, the village was filled with a thousand regrets, "at that time, the traffic is very convenient, go to the street, a morning time delay. Now the subway opened, would like to go out at any time to start, really fast, really convenient." The 27 year old living in the new building town Shaojia hou. Currently in the city of Southern China No. two trading center of sesame seeds create space work. Three line is undoubtedly very happy to make her happy, the door is a new building station, the unit is the entrance of the international port district station, the door to take the subway, the subway to the unit. "Super convenient!" Hou less exciting shows between the lines. Remember in the high-tech work experience, she is still filled with a thousand regrets. Before the subway opened, the village to the city only a bus route 233, the past two years has added 931, but travel is not convenient enough, the bus had to wait for half an hour, all the way slowly shaking into the city, has been in the past two hours most. Now from home to the subway station on ten minutes, the car is not worried about the traffic jam, to the High-tech Zone on the 40 minutes, no longer a day spent on the road." Therefore, when line three opened, Hou made a special trip to the boss asked for a holiday, with parents and grandparents together to experience the line three, enjoy the convenience and fast line to bring their lives to feel the three. "Let them feel the subway convenience, it will be reluctant to go out" the metro line three is known as the "pink small lift", in addition to the appearance of Meng Da, the opening of the subway line is currently the longest. It is understood that the metro line three South high tech Zone fish village, Qin and Han Dynasties Avenue North to the international port district, the line length of 39.15 km, 26 stations, including 19 underground stations, elevated station 7, the average station spacing of 1.585 km. 66 minutes from the fish of the village to the bonded area one-way travel time, according to the relevant departments of statistics, subway line three passengers a day will reach about 500 thousand people. International port area residents travel will be greatly changed. It is understood that in order to realize subway, bus integration, to achieve seamless, Xi’an international port district open loop synchronous connection相关的主题文章: