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Medium SUV holiday prices diving, which most is worth the shot – car — original title: medium SUV holiday prices diving, which most is worth [review] if you want to buy a SUV recently, that this article is written for you. After eleven, SUV began selling a lot of the price, and the price range is amazing, these two days have the property change radically, if you recently bought SUV, but don’t look down, may cause psychological upset, if you want to buy a SUV recently, that this article is written for you. Let’s take a look at the August sales of medium-sized SUV, as shown in the following table, sales on behalf of the heat, the price range represents the value of the damage, but not to buy you, perhaps also can represent the degree of joy. Like buying stocks, everyone feels that has fallen so much, and then the space is not large, it should be the best time to buy. The truth seems to be nothing wrong, but There are plenty of people who are secure, I want to say is that the car will have to see the price of space, time to market as a reference. (the price cut is the source of the car home and get quotes forum owners to buy a car after the announcement of the price based on keangkewei) from the new listing, now selling for 25 months, a little longer time, this generation of product life cycle is over half, equivalent to 40+’s uncle, the most energetic and attractive period gradually gone, the young and the background of the opponent is more and more. Fortunately, keangkewei walk does not rely on luck, appearance design, beautiful spacious space, good driving and high configuration, can be said that everything is wonderful, with a strong force against the product under the upside though, price cutting, or being pulled down a lot, but I think this is very real price. It is recommended. JEEP look at the free light, this generation of North American sales is June 2013 years, wide domestic Fick is October 2015, is a free light 40 months, as an imported car has been sold poorly, wide domestic sales of Fick, in fact there is not much change, when really fire up, 2016 free light slashed prices when. Is this level of SUV in free light, rare guy, although it belongs to the world of Jeep newhalf, but off-road capability is better than other opponents at the same level, so, consumer psychology has a steelyard, when its price dropped to a certain low, when it really highlights the value of the sales will naturally up to the current market price, I feel free to buy light. Sharp listed 16 months, the price range of 1.3-3.2 million, the average monthly sales of nearly ten thousand results, which is a very wonderful phenomenon. According to reason, sharp circles have such a good sales, but also need to drop it? Substantial price cuts on the manufacturers + dealers are not good, just to buy the sharp edge of the owners will soon be hurt, but why do we have to cut prices in order to sell? Only that the dealer could not carry, it will go to inventory, to revitalize the capital, to get the manufacturers back now, so would prefer not to make money is to go, as a way to make money, 4S tend to loans, insurance, licensing and other products, of course, the way to make the most money in)相关的主题文章: