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Media: Cao Yunjin asked Guo Degang, who is right and who is really very silly very naive – Beijing Guo Degang Cao Yunjin composition competition arena scores not torn like a raging fire. If you must ask "who is right and who is wrong," it can only be said to be very silly very naive. But the truth is still there, that many people had insight, power and interests of the dispute, but that’s all. Interesting than those who rent, tuition, female journalists such as entanglement, but master two different writing style. Cao Yunjin from the article "is the time, also do one taking" long, up to two days before the response to Guo Degang’s "my conservation in anger has run out before", the adhering is straight from the heart, lyrical Fu, means act undisguisedly, Bi Xing, several performance, Kim yipiao. "Fu who deposited, to set forth the fact and respect of those who are." Kim classmates just a pole line in the end, where the master is not all, sincere to the meat, mouths fatal, its lethality should not be overlooked. Twenty days later, she is also a trick shot thousands of words long article, "Tianya still, not thin cool" v.. With the spring and Autumn Annals, exquisite overtones, implication. The surface placid, shut inside, banter between the five step, bleeding. Guo Degang tried to be very clear, but people still can from his poem’s social function, in the text, see that he is trying to suppress their anger. Then is the little gold students issued a "my accomplishment has run out in anger before the cry up kangkaibeige, but still not a sound very exhausted. Light writing text, have to say, between the old ginger is spicy, the subject of ridicule, accused some want to accuse, clarify some of the clarification, don’t forget to always give each other a tripping. Thirty fame dust and soil, so is the master pendulum on several inhibition, Kim classmates days after estimation really inevitable "when the horse high stirrup short", no wonder so flustered. But after all, not the writing contest arena scores. It’s not that who writes well, but who is better. This is the basic knowledge that must be emphasized. In addition, we from both sides of the text, read all strong anger, only one side is unabashed resentment, while pretending to be calm and secretive. When it comes to anger, Aristotle points out, anger has a tendency to fight back, and angry people want some sort of repayment. Another scholar said, "anger is the privilege of the strong, is the responsibility of the upright, is the weak self harm". In the anger of the melee, I can vaguely distinguish Vanity Fair, the strong and weak, but can not find the upright figure — not Guo Degang, not Cao Yunjin, most of the watching people eat melon, nor of course. (Lin Rumin)相关的主题文章: