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Press-Releases If you’ve been waiting for an electronic cigarette (e-cig) that allows you to smoke marijuana without any lingering odors (and unwanted attention), a small start-up company named Medical Cannabis Management appears to have heard your pleas. They announced in early December, 2011 that they have begun production of their THC cartridges and e-cig and plan to release their new THC electronic cigarette in the coming weeks. The company is already involved in the electronic cigarette business with their "Bionic Cigs" which should allow them to move their vision of a THC e-cig to fruition even faster. I know I’ll be getting one! If you’re reading this blog we can probably assume you like to get high (medicate) as well. But the unmistakable odor of burning marijuana probably has you hiding out in your basement or garage (like most of us) to avoid detection from family, neighbors, etc. What a buzz kill!!! However, this anxiety and inconvenience may soon be a thing of the past. An odorless marijuana e-cig will free you to smoke wherever, whenever without anyone even suspecting… Marijuana e-cig from Medical Cannabis Management (..MedicalCannabisManagement..) The initial marketing of the THC e-cig will be directed at medical marijuana dispensaries and wellness centers across the country (16 States which have approved the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes). This product can really shake things up in the pot-smoking world. It will enable cannabis smokers to enjoy their privacy and annonymity without having to "hide". Next time you see someone smoking an electronic cigarette you may want to check their eyes (and see if they are holding a bag of munchies!) From a recent press release: "Medical Cannabis Management (MCM) has contracted with a producer for the THC cartridges with respect to their new product, a THC filled electronic cigarette. The laboratory MCM is using for development has documented the correct ‘dosage’ for the flavor/THC cartridges… Initially, physicians and medical cannabis dispensaries will be the target of the .pany’ marketing efforts." The CEO is quoted as saying: "We have worked very hard and went through a few producers before settling on the one we did," said Mike Amezquita , CEO of MCM. "Our goal is to have the new THC e-cigs to physicians and medical cannabis dispensaries as quickly as we can. We believe the impact and benefits of the THC e-cig are a game changer for not just our business but the industry as a whole" About the Author: 相关的主题文章: