Man to force the contractor to transfer the project to find someone to beat each other to death-yuria


Men looking for someone to force the contractor to transfer the original title: Project beat each other to death by persecution transfer project beaten to death in July 26th, the "China Daily" reported today · Xianyang Xianyang Shuangzhao Street South Temple as village JISC director to go out to talk about things mysterious death, the details of the case come to light recently. It turned out that the strong embrace earthwork, Xianyang, a man ordered many people to talk about things on the grounds that the contractor will cheat on the car pulled to 4 places for beating, forcing the transfer of the project, causing its death. Go to the hospital to send the dead suspects claiming to "do good" on July 23rd at 9 pm, Xianyang rainbow hospital, 3 men driving a white Ford car sent a man to help the driver will remain unconscious, flat car carried on the hospital, the other two people went away quickly. The person will be pushed to the emergency room, Ford driver is also ready to leave, the results were stopped by the hospital security. In the emergency room medical staff inquiries, Ford driver said he was on the roadside encounter man fell, they sent to the hospital is to do good. But after a medical examination, the man has long neck hard, no pulse and heartbeat, no signs of life. Human life, the hospital quickly let Ford security steady man, and immediately reported to the police. Subsequently, the Xianyang Public Security Bureau police station rushed to the rainbow, the Ford driver Zhang control. After investigation, the deceased was qindouou Shuangzhao street in South Temple Village JISC director Zhao, Ford car driver Zhang instead of "good things", but also have a great relationship with Zhao’s abnormal death. A rainbow branch transfer case, the Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade immediately set up a task force, to solve the case. After three months of effort, finally cracked the case. In November 22nd, the police informed of the murder of the sequence of events. Police investigators, after several days of visits Mopai, police have confirmed Liu Moumou, Zhao Moumou major crime suspects, then repeatedly went to Xingping, Liquan and Xi’an to start arresting work. In September 7th, police in Xi’an three houses Zhao, Jiamou and fan Moumou arrested. After interrogation, the three intentional injury death Zhao confessed to the crime on the. At the end of September, Liu and Guo went to the police. The victim had been pulled to the four three assault investigation, July 23rd at 5 pm, Liu Moumou for strong embrace Xianyang on a construction site earthwork, directs Kwak, Jiamou and fan Moumou to talk about things on the grounds that the car will be more than and 50 year old earthworks contractor Zhao Shuang Zhao from the streets lie on the car he quit the project contracting stress force. During the period, Kwak et al has pulled Zhao to Xingping South Town, west of Wuzhen everywhere in remote places, three of its cuff and kick, even used a stick, to force him to write the transfer of the project agreement. During the assault, Zhao Moumou fell on the ground, the night to send the hospital died. According to Zhao Moumou family had said that the incident that day at 5 pm, Zhao received a phone call that he would go out to talk about things, and then left home. That night, the family had something to call but how can not contact him, a handsome相关的主题文章: