Man on Jack exposure Imax Trailer Tom Curise predator


"Man on Jack" exposure IMAX Trailer Tom · Cruise movie "man fight predator on Jack: never look back" by American Paramount Pictures Inc., Edward · Zwick; Director, Tom · Cruise starred in the blockbuster "crime agent Jack:" a man never announced the scheduled October 21st, released simultaneously with the North america. The day before the release of a IMAX version of the trailer, the old man is not God Tom · Cruise staged a series of various personal martial arts drama, positive combat, recruit dead, let people exclaim. Tom · Cruise got it in close combat strength to the kind of meat in the exposure of the IMAX trailer, Cruise played by Tom · Jack · retscher participated in the survey a plot, add a layer of mystery and rich for the guy in the movie. In the latest exposure of the notice, the veteran Jack · reacher a cold face, amazing skill, wisdom and ability to act very calm. He was heavily threatened by growing crises conspiracy, backhand enemy, positive combat, combat strength move enemy, true to the various personal actions. In the movie the fascinating story set, shocking fighting tactics plus exciting shooting scenes, the film of great impact, let global fans expected.   "man on Jack: never look back" Tom · Cruise, Curtis Bi · history moders guy added a brilliant face Tom Curise played the enemy melee knell it is understood that the movie "man of Jack: never" story drawn from the famous British writer Lee · Chad’s "Prodigal Son detective Jack · reacher series of novels a new" never ". Tom ·, played by actor Jack with a strong cold war characteristics, and the ability to act and military qualities of the. In the film, caused by the evil forces set up, had to start running him in a physical fight, fight the road of life insurance at the same time, but also further unraveling, solve a series of puzzles, such as agonistic action but also the plot to burn the brain, it’s full of suspense and tension. Director Edward · Zwick; film narrative techniques have a unique style to the image of Jack is different from the traditional black and white hero. The film Tom · Cruise not only to flex its muscles, but also to avoid assassination, expose the plot, justice. This new film, actress · Bi Kou; history moders also has many action scenes, not only to her and Tom · Cruise; a fugitive from corrupt officials of the assassination, and teamed up with the villain to fight, jointly staged a thrilling story of the legendary hero and beauty aid. It is worth mentioning that, once in the United States because of the "escape" in the play "T-bag" image for the Chinese viewers are familiar with Robert · knep this will shape a lot of dark side role, its performance is worth.相关的主题文章: