Lv Xinyu out of the imagination of the community to rebuild the rural community and collective econo kimi wo omou melodi


Lv Xinyu: out of civil society and community reconstruction of rural collective economy imagine Lu xinyu. The second session of the Heyang forum site map of October 2016, the second session of the Forum Forum and Heyang Heyang village, culture and communication "academic week in Zhejiang held in Jinyun. Academic circles around the "revival of local culture: opportunities and challenges," the theme of academic research. "Heyang forum" is also called "Zhao Lvhui", there is Professor Lv Xinyu, Professor Zhao Yuezhi Simon Fraser University College of communication East China Normal University invited Connell Humanities Research Center, in the Academic Conference on the "three rural issues" initiated criticisms of communication. The academic week by Professor Lv Xinyu’s report of the "New Regionalism" and Chinese rural socialist practice "as the keynote speech, Lv Xinyu took a century China historical relationship between urban and rural areas as the research object, combing the hundred years by Liang Shuming and Mao Zedong as the representative of the intellectuals in the country out of the building on the different road. And put forward the" Xinxiang earth doctrine ": to establish benign relationship of mutual interaction between urban and rural areas, nurtured in today’s context. In Lv Xinyu’s view, the relationship between urban and rural areas China history different from the two opposite relationship between urban and rural development of western city, but in the process of development be closely related and mutually dependent in nurturing each other. The urban and rural feed each other at the beginning of twentieth Century between the imperialist invasion, Chinese was incorporated into the process of globalization, suffered a fracture. It is the process of modernization in the serious urban and rural areas in 20s and 30s, a group of intellectuals in various ways to the countryside to carry out the rural construction movement. After 1949, Mao Zedong established the "workers and peasants alliance," the supremacy of the executive led approach to try to narrow the differences between urban and rural areas as the representative of the "three differences" to rebuild new urban and rural relations. However, after the reform and opening up, in accordance with the law of market economy, all resources in the process of rapid urban agglomeration, urban and rural faults occur again. Since 80s, migrant workers continue to impact the city, at the same time, land disputes caused by the capital to the countryside intensified. After WTO Chinese peasant economy was further damaged, with maize and soybean in Northeast fall, we have become the dumping of genetically modified agricultural products, biotechnology companies in western developed countries, are violations of Chinese food sovereignty. In this context, Lv Xinyu believes that out of the western style of civil society imagination, re establishment of rural communities and collective economy, is the basis for solving the problem. Surging news media as a guest to participate in this conference, I do an interview with Professor Lv Xinyu. The scholars will interview series released in the days after the. Urban and rural under the fracture of the "migrant workers tide": "village" away from the "urban slums" how far? Surging news: the industrial revolution of the enclosure movement completed City, the establishment of the urban and rural polarization split, we are the only way which must be passed? Lv Xinyu: first of all, in the classic exposition of Marx’s theory, industrialization inevitably leads to the division of urban and rural areas. We also see from the history and reality of the industrialization led to the widening gap between urban and rural areas, the countryside of the proletariat, the city’s industrialization to provide labor – this is the birth of the proletariat. From a global perspective, it does.相关的主题文章: