Luisa Piccarreta And The New Divine Sanctity Of The Divine Will-minmi


Religion In the beginning, God decreed the Work of Creation through His Divine Will. All that was made was the Work of the Divine Will, and it is preserved by this same Divine Will. God created man in an ecstasy of love, and gave him His own Life, the gift of the Divine Will. All of Adam and Eve’s acts were Divine Will acts. They possessed God as the Saints do in Heaven and performed only divine acts so that the smallest act they did was worth more than all human acts .bined together. They lived supremely happy in the Garden of Paradise, .pletely filled with joy and peace. Even though Adam and Eve lost the gift of the Divine Will, yet the loss of this gift of the Divine Will was only temporary. God wants once again to share His Divine Life with you right at this very moment, just as He did with Adam and Eve before the Fall. All you have to do is to intensely desire it, acquire the knowledge of how to live in it (read and study all the 36 volumes of Luisa Piccarreta’s writings); give up the rags of your own will and live only of God’s Divine Will. God will then take up His abode within you, and will start living one Life together with you. You will both live happily ever after. Jesus selected Luisa Piccarreta to show us the way to the Kingdom of the Divine Will. Luisa Piccarreta, a young virgin from Corato, Italy, was chosen to initiate this new Era of living in the Kingdom of the Divine Will. This living in the Divine Will here on Earth, as realized by Luisa Piccarreta, is the fulfillment of Jesus’s prayer: Thy [Divine Will] Kingdom .e, Thy [Divine] Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. In this state, God lives and operates directly in the soul fused with His Divine Will, just as He did in Luisa Piccarreta, so that only One Will operates that of God’s Divine Will. Luisa Piccarreta’s acts and our acts done in the Divine Will be.e Divine Will acts. So, please order (call 305-864-1683) and read Luisa Piccarreta’s writings in 36 volumes on the Divine Will, as Jesus gave to Luisa Piccarreta, the first soul to live in the Divine Will after the Virgin Mary. Knowledge is the key in order to receive, like Luis Piccarreta, this inestimable gift of the Divine Will. Help Luisa Piccarreta dry Jesus’s tears: start living in His Divine Will, which is all that He wants and only what Luisa Piccarreta wants. There is nothing more that God can give you since by giving us His Divine Will, He gives everything He has to give: Himself and all His goods, His happiness, His joy, and His peace. For those who wish to know a little background on Luisa, the 36 Volumes of the Divne Will present the day-to-day dialogue between Jesus and the privileged soul Luisa Piccarreta on the science of Living in His Divine Will. Luisa (1865-1947) was a mystic and victim soul (confined to her bed) who lived only on the Eucharist and the Divine Will for 64 years. She was confided with the greatest Mission on Earth since Jesus and Our Blessed Mother, that is to herald the Kingdom of the Divine Will on Earth, a New Era in which man will live the life of Divine Holiness, as originally planned by God. Luisa’s cause for Beatification was opened by Rome in 1994. In order to receive the sublime Gift of the Divine Will, you must read and study its doctrine. If you are interested, visit us at our website to obtain any or all of the 36 Volumes of the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: