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Mainland tourists dropped   Taiwan tourism industry worries " " closures; – Taiwan Channel – on 25 August, according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the number of mainland tourists to Taiwan again reduced, according to the Taiwan authorities "Tourism Bureau Ministry of transportation statistics, in July this year, the number of mainland tourists to Taiwan decline 15% over the same period last year, the largest decline over the years," the Ministry of transportation officials worry that if the eleven long off land to further reduce the fear, some travel to hold and follow the collapse, if important during the tourist season next year – the year and the Spring Festival continued to decline, the industry will be more closed. Genesis travel without warning collapse, the tourism industry said that this is just the tip of the iceberg, the situation doesn’t improve, the fourth quarter is likely to appear closures; in addition to the travel agency operating difficulties, also reported a few restaurants eager to sell, such as downstream buses, catering industry, and even the laundry industry, with layoffs, frozen salary. The most afraid of a dragon industry of Qi burst in September 8th tourism threatened to have tens of thousands of people go on Kay Road, protest, this is the large-scale protest the tourism industry of Taiwan has for the first time ever, even thousands of vehicles occupy the Kay road. Tourism Bureau said it would continue to pay attention to, and look for opportunities to communicate with the industry. The industry said that although the low-key, the Tourism Bureau travel agency recommended many times to the transformation, development of other markets, but the market can not be instantaneous long ", a special joint group of mainland tourists travel agency revealed that over the past month can be connected with thousands of groups, now only less than two hundred, currently only the first layoffs pay for; more terrible is the" one-stop "operation of the industry, hand and shopping tour bus station, hotel and even, more pressure, if the situation of homogeneous explosion, consequences are difficult to imagine. Double north of mainland tourists to Yilan to reduce the low-key sale hotel, hotel is also low-key to attract buyers, from the north to the city of Yilan has been double multiple objects for sale in the mad intermediary between. The influence and also includes a tour industry, catering industry, business is greatly affected, and even extended to the downstream washing factory Hotel, laundry workers have the highest monthly salary over forty thousand yuan, now almost halved, but do not have to work overtime. The industry said, transformation or go back to the way is not easy, I hope the Taiwan authorities as soon as possible to come up with solutions, even to the "New South", also have complete. (commissioning editor Liu Jieyan and Yang Mu)相关的主题文章: