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Liyang to Guangde high-speed Anhui section of today’s opening test operation (Figure) – Anhui Channel – September 30 Hefei Xinhua (Yue Xiaolong Jin Haijiao) on the eve of national day, Anhui province highway construction news. September 30th at 11:18, after nearly 3 years of builders to build carefully, a total length of 38.776 km from Liyang to Guangde expressway, the official opening of the trial operation of the. This also means that the southern area of Anhui province to the Yangtze River Delta adds a fast channel. Invested by Anhui Provincial Transportation Holding Group Li Guangzhou high-speed Anhui section, is an important part of high-speed Yangzhou to Jixi, Anhui province is the "eight horizontal" vertical highway network "vertical" and the national highway network G40 high-speed Shanghai and Shaanxi important contact line. The project route mileage of 38.776 kilometers, along with 2 toll stations (Anhui Langxi mainline station, Lang Xidong toll station) and 1 Langxi service area, the investment budget of about 2 billion 618 million yuan. Li Guang Expressway in Anhui is located at the junction of the starting point of oyuwan Soviet Liao bridge, from north to south through Guangde Xuancheng city Langxi County, county, across the new and old Lang River and Xuancheng Hangzhou railway connection, has been operating G50 Shanghai and Chongqing high-speed Xuanguang section and in the construction of Guangde to Ningguo expressway. Period, the project has three times over the Hang Hang railway, the nine time across the wide speed, the difficulty of the construction of large beyond imagination. According to reports, Li Guang Expressway Anhui section was opened to traffic, the Anhui region into the Yangtze River Delta, promoting regional economic integration process, has important significance to promote the tourism economic development. Share to: (guanfei, Zhang Lei: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: