Li Yugang does not show on the show fear of low ratings


Li Yugang is not afraid to pull on a variety show that low ratings Li Yugang Jiangsu TV reality show celebrity speech "tell my world" the first season will be held on September 11th (Sunday) night ending, not only Zhang Liang, Jiang Shuying, Wu Mochou five wins in the regular season to show the speaker speech director Mr. Rocky Liang, chairman of miss Wang Anxiang Angema’s title at night the bird’s nest, bring their exclusive truth for everyone". Popular singer Li Yuchun will also be a special performance for the guests to bring wonderful performances. As a leader in the new generation of singers, Wu Mochou after the debut was to soar, as to whether that one day she was replaced by newcomer, bold self deprecating now shoot on the beach." Li Yuchun song "tell me the bird’s nest debut is the world" by Jiangsu TV, Shanghai culture, create a wide natural selection media together to create the Angema exclusive title broadcast of a reality show star inspirational speech. In the program last night, in order to make the guests to play better, the program group also deliberately chose just released a new album of Li Yuchun for the speakers are to applaud. Chris has been the debut for many years, to everyone passed with her positive energy, and this is my world "and" say always talk to you about agree without prior without previous consultation. As a special guest performer, Chris is in good faith, especially to the audience sang her song "savage" growth this year. It is worth mentioning that the show, but also barbaric growth in the bird’s nest on the stage of the first show. Chris unique and perfect voice and dynamic dance, with the cool light on the scene to help out for the speakers at the same time of success, but also for the "bird’s nest" night of the world say I added a new color. To everyone’s surprise, Chris also accept host Li Xiang’s invitation, promised to attend the next season I say "the world", to share her "little secret". Wu Mochou has been feeling tired red also this summer, many TV shows and turns the stage, a lot of fresh blood for music input. In today’s rapid upgrading of music, the new power to the public to join Wu Mochou’s attention all decreased. Talking about this, Wu Mo does not change the funny character, joked: "now I have been shot on the beach." Wu Mochou admitted that fame and fortune is not so heavy, I did not think I was so red, and now I was angry, I realized I was red, it is quite interesting. Red and red are not allowed to say, the situation of the industry is not a big deal, what. Not red, I do not feel anything, in fact, red is also very tired." Li Yugang is not afraid of a variety show low ratings in the variety boom, a star a few variety show feel feel shy to speak with people, but Li Yugang chose to stick, he admits that he is not entertainment. "I’m not fit for entertainment, I can’t get up, I can’t get up. I do not usually focus on entertainment, my personality may not be the same as the majority of people living in this era." But he introverted personality, and even joked he would lower the ratings. Li Yugang said, because I do not like the show itself, so if I do not participate in the.相关的主题文章: