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Li Xianting: the artist must always hold on to your personal feelings – a real artist must always stick to your personal feelings and never be manipulated by the system. After 20 years of operation of the contemporary experience, I am more and more of the history of modern art, the two slogans Toussaint and Bois said with deep feeling, a life is art, one is everyone is an artist. It is revolutionary because the art from the liberated area of skills, from the tower of ivory. That is a peasant hoeing when he hum tunes, entertainment, this is art. Art is a way of self salvation. But until now, all the art system, art museums, art critics, collectors, art dealers and so on, and in the selection of artists, then the selection of itself, make some people succeed, the negation of the two principles of modern art. In fact, the exclusion of all successful artists in the art system. When I was chatting on TOM, a man asked you how to see the work of a famous artist I said a word, a successful artist was not in my view, that is to say, my concern is the art of living, he once turned into a brand successful brand, will have a manufacturing problem, the risk is within the system of continuous replication. Of course, this is a paradox, the society will select artists, how we are faced with the difficulty of selection. I love this to understand the word "people love to see the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, the waves washing out the gold, I see great waves carrying sand and gold that moment. If there is no wave, no wave coerced a lot of sand, how can the gold produced? In fact, there is a danger, when gold was left in the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore after the history, all descendants, was the gold history education, form a kind of artistic experience, began to "gold" eyes, about the art of today. In fact, today’s gold was coerced to see in the sand, gold is not gold yesterday, all happened today is not art, past experience can grasp. Therefore, just look at the "gold" vision itself, the formation of the development of the arts to hinder the social conservative forces. I think the moment of mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore is often a new art will have fresh. There will always be a system. When you were accepted by the west, you were so excited that you suddenly found that the net behind it might be more solid and possibly bigger. I think it’s time to test an artist. There are too many realistic questions, worth more speculation higher, more and more famous, especially the American consumer culture, the so-called star mode of operation, at a very young age to see their own brilliant, itself attractive, great temptation, is almost irresistible. Author: Hu Yan source: Chinese Contemporary Art相关的主题文章: