Li Shufen denied and Ke Zhendong composite where the news ah


Li Shufen denied that the compound with Ke Zhendong: where’s Tia Lee Sina News entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, actor Ke Zhendong [micro-blog]4 April "Dream Girls" was traced to love breaking member Tia Lee, the man thing from behind the ambiguous king of Macao daughter Laurinda [micro-blog], but have been denied by both sides, and after nearly 5 months, but Ke Zhendong is found by weekly "3 strokes" successfully recovered Tia Lee, even has been quietly composite for 3 months, but Tia Lee stunned in response to heard the news, the news: "what?" According to reports, Ke Zhendong suspected unwilling because of the appearance of Laurinda, let Tia Lee and his fate ended, so even if people in the mainland Ganpai new plays, still rely on every day to send text messages, phone chat, he sent her dog sick when the topic, and knew was wrong at first, then the lower figure 3 offensive strokes not only love, also has quietly a stirring among the dry bones, from outside the compound for 3 months. But Tia Lee heard rumors, straight back: "where the news?" Stressed that 2 people are now just good friends, whether because the company issued a ban love order, it can not be generous recognition of complex? Tia Lee broker refuted, but also said that the company is also encouraged to fall in love with Tia Lee. At present, the agent of Ke Zhendong people at the Venice film festival only to "private life hands" as an excuse to make a positive response. (commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章: