Learn to save the stamps must do these seven points imjpmig


Learn to preserve these seven stamps must be done a small stamp printed beautifully rich content, recently popular collection of investment enthusiasts. With the shift of time, the value of the stamp will be improved. But if the improper preservation will make the stamps in the haven’t got the moment on the value of sublimation of death of a beauty. ". In order to do so, "Bo Tim Tin Mat hobby" investment friends must learn to hold the stamps, so that the stamps be long-term preservation. A stamp is made of paper, the main ingredient is plant fiber and resin, which belongs to the organic matter. In the humid environment of high temperature, easy to mildew and moth. If not in this stamp ventilation and humid environment is most susceptible to infection and mildew, macular. So the stamp in cabinet top and dry ventilated place, but not too dry, otherwise will stamp stamp embrittlement, curls were injured; can not be too wet, it will make the stamps stuck. Two, not finishing the stamps in the rainy days, rainy season and hot weather, because the rainy season in the rain and air humidity, especially hot hands sweat easily, then finishing stamps easily moldy or produce macular. In general, stamps can not be used in hand, take out the appreciation of the use of the stamp folder folder. Three, high temperature weather should not be too long to appreciate the stamp, must not let the strong sunlight directly on the stamp, so as to avoid the album. The storage temperature should be no more than 30 degrees centigrade. Should pay attention to four stamps, stamps inserted in the stamp: insert the ordinary stamps before each stamp should be set on the bag protection transparent; buy back the Xinji post, do not rush to insert stamps, because this album is not in the production of natural air dry, the best first for a long time, so it is completely dry after use. Five, the album can not be flat. The flat, with the increase of weight, the stamps will be pressed out. Should be placed in storage, and keep tight. Six, single stamp from the entire tear stamp, the perforations stamps should be straight along the perforations repeatedly folded several times, and then gently torn. Do not use tools such as scissors cut perforated stamps, so as not to hurt. Seven, in the appreciation or visit the stamps, do not drink tea while watching the album, don’t look at stamps while smoking while vulnerable to damp easily moldy. In a certain temperature and humidity conditions, leading to mildew, stamp moldy, speck stamps, and difficult to eliminate. Source: gold investment collection network相关的主题文章: