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Language There are many reasons why you may wish to learn a language – perhaps to help your business develop its international trade or to brush up on some basic phrases before taking an extended holiday or maybe you have an ‘international’ element to your family and would like to be able to .municate more effectively. Whatever your need, if you learn a new language it will undoubtedly open new doors and present you with new opportunities. If you learn a new language you will not only learn to speak and understand the words but also to respect and appreciate the culture that goes hand in hand with the language. By immersing yourself in a new culture and recognising the different ideals and values you be.e more tolerant towards other people. Taking the time to appreciate the culture demonstrates your respect towards the speakers of that language, which is critical when building business relationships overseas. Also, when you learn a new language you often .e to appreciate and .prehend new elements to your own language that perhaps you have not considered before. It may enhance your understanding of the grammar, pronunciation and structure of your own language. If you learn a new language this is similar to your own, such as sticking with another Latin-based language, then you will probably find that you develop your abilities in both languages. When you learn a language, it is not just your horizons that expand but also the number of materials you can access. Immersion is one of the best methods of language learning and by exposing yourself to television programmes, radio shows and magazine articles in the language you are learning you not only enhance your .prehension but get to explore the culture, music and heritage associated with that country. To wrap up, when you learn a new language, you add another vital entry to your skill set – one which employers will be favourable towards and one which will also enrich your life as it gives you access to new experiences and enhances your understanding of your own culture and language. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: