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UnCategorized Your mindset is the number one most important factor in helping you achieve success and it must be in alignment with your highest desires. Here are my top three Law of Attraction techniques to help you become a magical money magnet in 2009 and create that success you have been dreaming of. Before you begin to practice any of these techniques your communication channels to your higher self must be clear. So take some deep breaths and become aware of your inner body. If you feel any tension inside don’t worry, just focus your attention on wherever the tension is and feel it gently melt away. You can do this to all parts of your body until you feel very relaxed. Take your time as it is very important that you are relaxed and happy when practicing these techniques. They will be ten times more effective as a result. The first Law of Attraction technique I will describe is Positive Affirmations. Positive Affirmations are a magnificent way of attracting more money into your online business and when used consistently are highly effective. Remember your energy field is a magnet, when you say positive affirmations you are literally feeding this magnet with all of the right energy. The Universe will then send back that energy into your physical reality as success. Here are some important things to remember when saying positive affirmations: -They must be said in the positive tense. -They must be said with heart felt energy as if they are true right now in the present moment. -They must be said with unshakable belief, as if they are true right now in the present moment. Here are some great ones to get you started off on the right path. You can add your own ones to this list. Use your imagination and have fun! -I am a powerful money magnet. -I have abundant luck in all my ventures. -I now choose to become wealthier and wealthier everyday in every way. -I now effortlessly succeed in my online business. -Money is energy. I am energy. Money and I are one. -Money flows into my life effortlessly. -I am reaching my goals effortlessly through the power of my persistence. -I deserve abundance. -The Universe is abundant therefore I am abundant. -One step at a time I am achieving all of my income goals The second Law of Attraction technique I will describe is Visualizing. Creative Visualizations are a powerful way to attract wealth into your business and help you create financial freedom online. There are a few different methods you can use but I will describe my favorite one here as it is the most effective and can be easily fitted into your daily routine. It is called a Virtual Visualization. For this you will need to sit down and write out your ideal day. By this I mean what you wish an ideal day would look like to you when you are making your desired income level. So start from the morning and go right through to the night time describing your ideal day. Try and put as many of your wishes in their as possible. When writing it out feel all the feelings of what you are writing about as if they were real right now. Feel the happy energy all around you of what you are doing. Print this out and hang it up in your office. Before you start work everyday read it out with heart felt energy. Try to picture the events as clearly as you can and know in your heart without a shadow of a doubt that they are coming true! Finally you must take persistent, consistent action towards your ideals but now you can do this with a joyous energy as you know that the Universe, your Higher Self is guiding you in perfect ways to the success you desire. If you practice these Law of Attraction techniques daily you can be assured that you are on the right path to creating financial freedom online in 2009. Remember anything is possible when you believe. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: