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Health If you are considering laser hair removal and you are wondering about some of the side effects that may occur afterwards then please continue reading as here I am writing about laser hair removal infections with before and after care. There really are not too many cases of hair removal infections; it is regarded as very safe and .fortable. Some things that you may want to consider if you have a history with the herpes simplex virus, also known as cold sores, then you will need to consult with the laser operator and if you are not currently using one, they can prescribe an anti-viral medication. You will need to begin the anti-viral treatment about two weeks before the actual laser treatment begins. Sometimes people get what is known as a superficial burns from the laser hair removal treatment which is not serious but it makes the person more susceptible to a bacterial infection. Again, you can simply speak to your consultant and have them write you a prescription for an antibiotic or whatever medication is necessary to clear it up. To care for the treated area after each procedure is preformed, as redness and bumps may appear and lasting up to two or more hours, use a cold .press, Aloe Vera gel or sun burn cream to sooth the sensitive spots. It is important to keep the treated area moisturized, Any moisturiser without alpha hydroxy acids will work. Avoiding direct sun exposure will minimise light or dark spot appearing and sensible advise is to stay shaded for up to two months. Use sunscreen SPF25 or higher at all times throughout the laser treatment sessions. You can shower no problem after the treatment and using a mild soap on the treated area. You cannot laser any broken skin or around the eyes which are too sensitive to the lasers rays and so you should beware of any clinics that claim they will remove any unwanted eyebrow hair. Also, if you have had any recent sun exposure, you will need to make this known to the laser technician but as professionals, they should be really asking you this question before you have to tell them. Skin pigment disruption can occur if you are treated after you have been in direct sunlight. As always it is wise to consult with a qualified doctor or qualified expert before taking the steps to have laser hair removal preformed as certain skin types are more sensitive and certain conditions may prevent you from being able to go through with it. Currently there is no law against anyone setting up a laser clinic even in their own home in many countries including the USA and most of Europe and so it is up to the patient to do the ground work to find out if the clinic they intend to attend is reputable and safe. Copyright (c) 2010 Jonah Myers About the Author: 相关的主题文章: