Lao she cast lake it He is just a did not cherish the reputation of the people ca1816


Lao she cast lake it? He is just a did not cherish the reputation people "love pigs, Lao She not refuse to work, feeding, drinking water, cold and hunger and satiety, always look carefully. Stool dry, or do not love to move, immediately go to the vaccination to treat disease……. There are achievements, quit complacency, we must stand high and see far. See far, stand high, don’t forget to learn to help." If you do not sign, no one would have thought that the above words will be written by the great writer Lao she. It’s not that we want to add a stain to the good old man who has been dead for fifty years. On the contrary, we feel regret, this is from the language skills in Beijing, Lao She is called the "cover cap", the creation of "camel Xiangzi", a "teahouse" of Lao she. His words would be distorted to the point of power discourse. Lao She said, "I’m not the boardwalk, but my life", the angry was killed so far, Lao She’s nowhere to go. After the decision to commemorate the fifty anniversary of the death of Lao She, we began to sort out all kinds of historical materials about Lao She’s evaluation, more and more aware of his complex. This complex is not only reflected in the level of participation of Lao She’s works, but also deeply reflected in his life, his way of thinking and behavior. This one, may have lost forever not only some, we are incompetent to capture, some, we want to try to express. 2016 of August 23rd, Phoenix Culture completed an attempt. Lao She’s former residence rich Hutong our first stop, Lao She’s former residence rich hutong. Dan persimmon yard, on the screen of the character "Fu" is the new color. The former residence of Lao She wanted to ask the daughter to do Memorial Lecture – canceled. Summer vacation in the past, the yard did not increase the number of tourists because of special days. Our guests Jiang Fangzhou, um and Chen unarmed, in Laoshe’s life row Museum, a commentary in which various photos, manuscripts and medals. We walked over to the "teahouse" Lao She was talking about the play route, through the quiet alley, came to the people’s art theatre. In the theater door, um said: "49 years later, in addition to the" teahouse "is almost always a failure." Our second Confucian Temple station, Confucian Temple is the bustling tourists. A 80 year old man Xianting Ge to Xu Zidong and Jiang Fangzhou said that under the tree, Lao She was lying there. The guest side, is a guide with a loudspeaker, led a pair of tourists through the house in fast. There are no second voices, referring to Lao she. At the end of the second stop, the sky finally began to rain. Pinghu is the site last stop, we stand at the Pinghu site from Lao She too. Pinghu has long gone, every day above the roar of the trial is the ring of Beijing subway back to Kuche. As it had beaten Xiao Jun Lao She’s school female red guards "female eight" also renamed as "Lu Xun school" — to commemorate the Chinese contemporary literary tradition. The history of deformeter let guests trance: "if we didn’t do this live show, I do not know that this area is the farewell of Lao she." We did a random interview with the elderly in the community garden and asked them if they knew Lao She and Lao She’s death. The old men are busy.相关的主题文章: