Kunlun world wide cash off 210 million less than the valuation of up to 9 months up to 17 times 9c8996


Kunlun web mapping cash off 210 million in less than 9 months the valuation of up to 17 times the hot column capital flows thousands thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn can make you my Securities Times reporter Li Ying Quan September 21st evening you, Kunlun the world wide web (300418) announcement, the company intends to sell some network broadcast platform "Ying Ke" 3% of the shares, priced at 210 million yuan. After this distance from the Kunlun World Wide Web in January this year led falls off, less than 9 months, and in the meantime, reflecting off the valuation has been full up 17 times. In contrast, *ST Ning sell two sets of out of school district housing 12 years rose only 16 times, is also "pale into insignificance by comparison.". In January 4th this year, the Kunlun World Wide Web to Beijing honey dock Network Technology Co., Ltd. (webcast platform reflects off the main operating body, hereinafter referred to as reflect off) investment of 68 million yuan, a stake of $18%. Subsequently, the company will reflect the customer equity all transferred to a wholly-owned subsidiary of c.quinoa win exhibition held. After several rounds of financing, the current exhibition at the stake Ying Chenopodium win customers diluted to 13.23%. According to the announcement, in order to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the company, and intends to win Jiaxing light show c.quinoa Letter No. nine investment partnership (limited partnership) (hereinafter referred to as "the Jiaxing letter") signed the "equity transfer agreement". Jiaxing invested 210 million yuan to buy optical signal reflected off 3% stake in the shares after the sale, exhibition still holds guest Ying Chenopodium win 10.23% of the shares. According to the transaction price, the valuation of the customer has reached 7 billion yuan. And then, when the Kunlun World Wide Web to complete the investment valuation of the valuation of only 378 million yuan. In this transaction, the Kunlun world wide achieved 194 million yuan of investment income. Currently, reflected in the audience after 90 video live broadcast platform, designed to create a video of the video after 90 single favorite crowd. In addition to its off the guest APP, there is a honey Live mobile applications. The company’s core business focused on the development and operation of this product, currently ranked first in the field of domestic mobile video social, is one of China’s top ten social networking applications. Coincidentally, also in the field of network broadcast enjoys great fame in March this year, the Tencent Macropodus lead investor, Sequoia, Nanshan and other first-class investment institutions with investment B round of financing, a total of 670 million yuan investment, the only Tencent to sell 400 million yuan. According to estimates, this round of financing, valuation has reached 10 billion yuan macropodus. In August this year, they once again announced the completion of the C round of financing, investment and Tencent led by Phoenix, the amount of financing of up to 1 billion 500 million yuan. According to science and technology media tiger sniffing network statistics, as of April this year, there are 116 domestic broadcast platform known, and of which 108 projects to obtain financing. Listed companies will not only live in Kunlun. In mid July this year, the bus line (002188) announced that, China’s new song and the company’s live broadcast platform LIVE to explore cooperation, in addition to the four instructors in the tutor of the fifth相关的主题文章: