[k8 Kay recommended] Keyser desire to win odds to the home court soojin


[K8 Kay recommended] Keyser de Nekaiserslautern win odds Bundesliga home court VS Bochum 2016-10-25 02:15 for reference: 0.80 disc deuce hemisphere 1.13 reference: 2.44 3.15 2.84 day Tuesday morning, the second division tenth round final of the tournament, Kaiserslautern will play Bochum in the home court. Kaiserslautern this season badly, after the 9 round only 1 wins 3 flat 5 negative 6 points ranked sixteenth, even if the home court is also only 1 wins 2 flat 2 negative, showing the current Kaiserslautern morale was quite low. Bochum is currently 3 wins and a total of 2 points, a total score of 13 points in the top eighth, including the road away from the top 1 flat and negative performance in general, but the recent round of 1 wins and 2 draws, the team is quite tenacious performance in the 2 round of the world cup in in the past 3 games. The two sides in recent years in the second division clash 8 times, Kaiserslautern 3 wins 4 flat 1 negative slightly the upper hand, but in the home court but only 3 flat 1 negative no advantage even slightly underdogs. Sabah compensate for the game odds is 2.44 3.15 2.84, although found slightly optimistic, but the win odds were also significantly lower than that of the draw, obviously win probability is quite large, for Kaiserslautern against home court victories in recent years, found the odds or difficult to obtain public trust. Sabah disc open deuce the ultra low water starting grids, after the opening of hemisphere let deuce low water by note, for this season the downturn, with nearly 3 unbeaten team, has low water injection by the apparently not become the object of public support, it has high water by injection the visitors are more likely to become popular public support, handicap passenger intentions clear, so the possibility of the game Kaiserslautern home court undefeated and win three points is very large. Therefore, in the case of color football out of the ball, K8 Kai FA recommend Kaiserslautern.相关的主题文章: