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K.O. champagne "corked" artifact: Mytik Diam plug – Sohu and no wine what thing is better than open a bottle of champagne, but found it more let people put off corked. If yes, two bottles. The probability of traditional cork has corked at around 5%, for such a price Wine like champagne, it is life unbearable weight". Corked source corked mainly from a called "TCA" (2, 4, three 6- spanon) material. TCA is a strong animal, wet rotten flavour newspaper. It is the mold in oak oak from pesticides, chlorophenols into chloroanisole results. The smell of TCA is so strong that it can still be perceived by humans, even at trace concentrations such as 1.5ng L. How to solve the champagne corked corked annoying, let Wine fans hated, that there is no way to avoid what corked? Of course, there’s more than one. At present, the most successful solution for sparkling wine such as champagne is DIAMANT® bouchage, which is developed by Diam company. DIAMANT® application of advanced technology in the food industry – supercritical fluid extraction (SFE Supercritical Fluid Extraction). It can take advantage of the flow of carbon dioxide in the oak material TCA, PeCa, TBA, PCA and other odorous substances extracted. Because carbon dioxide has a "inert" and no residues in the raw material, so DIAMANT® technology can solve the security; "corked" problem. Supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) technology uses carbon dioxide in the critical conditions to show the fluid characteristics of specific substances extracted from the matrix. By changing the pressure and temperature of carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide can change the solubility of some substance. Through this feature, SFE technology can effectively extract specific substances. Compared with the traditional organic solvent extraction process, SFE technology has the advantages of high efficiency, strong pertinence and safety. However, due to the high reliability of SFE technology on the equipment, the application of SFE technology is limited, and the cost is high. In the production of the Mytik Diam plug, cork is broken into cork powder. The cork powder is extracted by SFE technology, and then it can be pressed together with the microsphere to become the bottle stopper. A very small particle, which, after being pressed together with cork powder, expands through a high temperature, filling the gap between the cork powder. After this treatment, the cork has a good gas exchange characteristics and physical properties. Of course, the most important is that there is no risk of "corked". Less traditional two piece of oak (R)相关的主题文章: