Jinjiang guy and guerrillas coexistence 72 hours secret murder machine norton disk doctor


Jinjiang guy and guerrillas coexistence 72 hours of secret "killing machine" Taiwanese network (micro-blog) (micro-blog) October 8th – the 7 army, more than 8000 members, "killing machine" known as "brother Wu" (revolutionary armed forces of Columbia), let dreaded, be brave guy Liu Xiaoqian Jinjiang. With the guerrillas coexistence 72 hours on "killing machine" behind the Veil: they have the same cold mask, anxiety, fear and so true. Liu Xiaoqian this name, presumably a lot of people are not strangers. Two years ago, he was 26 years old in the identity of the CCTV reporter in Brazil armed nest nest calm interview, much attention (this newspaper reported in May 2014). In October 3rd this year to last night, CCTV "news broadcast", "international newsletter", "News 30’" column launched "visit" brother Wu Xiao Qian "guerrillas in the jungle" series of reports. Apply for a few months allowed to co-exist with the guerrillas 72 hours in recent years, the only one in the ceasefire agreement before the entry into the control of the Asia Pacific reporter, Liu Xiaoqian, the interview risked his life. The complexity of the local situation, the reporter was kidnapped events often occur. In May this year, more than 1 months starting in front of Xiao Qian, a female reporter was in Spain where anti-government armed kidnapping, two local journalists have also been kidnapped. Xiao Qian after months of contact and application, by "approved brother Wu" supreme command department, before entering the guerrillas in the jungle, and the guerrillas spent 72 hours, with their daily life and thoughts. On the day before departure, Liu Xiaoqian was not allowed to know the exact location of the camp. To a small town in southwest Columbia province of Cauca after third days, he was asked to sit on the car rushed to the guerrilla camp. Liu Xiaoqian for brother Wu minors, female guerrillas and other special groups conducted an exclusive interview. According to statistics, in 1975 ~2014 years, more than 11 thousand minors were recruited into the columbia". 18 year old Liu Xiaoqian told me that he joined the brother Wu for 3 years, but because I do not want to see their loved ones died in the battle, so do not agree with his brother also joined. The guerrillas accounted for 40% female guerrillas, and men is mixed together. Liu Xiaoqian shows us the way they love to dress up and be equal. The love of men and women guerrillas, because of the cruelty of war is full of variables. During the camp, the men and women dressed in bright clothes and skirts. See Liu Xiaoqian, and dance with him. Liu Xiaoqian was also in danger in the camp. In order to prevent air strikes, the camp about 7 points on all the lights. That night, Liu Xiaoqian almost did not sleep all night. Guerrillas also because the aircraft frequently "visit" and wake up. A few months ago, they were attacked. They immediately get up, put on combat vest, ready to withdraw. They told Liu Xiaoqian, the reporter’s visit, but to bring them some sense of security. Micro-blog revealed the spiritual exploration was worried that he can’t come back "this is the first time I get home before the trip, very tidy, all fees are paid, because if they are kidnapped, or what was up, others to my investigation or check out, will not feel this person how so untidy…… ‘elder brother Wu’ altogether;相关的主题文章: