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Jing City 20 thousand migrant children to school will receive a residence permit is not a problem yesterday, reporters learned from the Municipal Public Security Bureau police detachment relevant responsible for the population, Jingmen city has 20 thousand floating population for a residence permit, they will enjoy a number of rights in floating population in Jingmen, no, medical reimbursement, such as school children will not be a problem the doctor. The person in charge, the residence permit is to shorten the gap between urban residents and migrant workers due to differences in the status of a series of rights to enjoy the gap, the benefit of the public a move. Since October 2014, Jingmen city began to receive residence permit, to the present 20 thousand floating population for a residence permit, there are still many mobile personnel have not held this card. The responsible person said, the positive residence permit is visible and tangible, and he hopes to actively apply for an early benefit. One family to enjoy the Hunan residence permit welfare skewers, roast snail, roast chicken wings…… Jingmen city old Lai Road night market, from Hunan the couple runs a barbecue, honesty, skill for a group of loyal "chowhound". The living environment and the booming business makes the Xie couples did not find a sense of belonging, they are foreign accounts, their children to school problems, the kindergarten is private pay to read, and a primary school. One can do a residence permit this good, Xie couples for the residence permit, try holding the mentality, they submitted the application to the city experimental primary school reading, make them overjoyed, they won approval. This year, the couple entered the City Experimental Primary School daughter. At present, there are a lot of people are like Hunan Xie couples get a supplementary public service function of residence permit. For a lot of people in the land of the floating family, is indeed a lot of convenience. A thin piece of household registration, erected a foreign population and the city wall between the living". To get a residence permit, from "supernumerary citizens" become "quasi citizen", the gradual elimination of migrants and local residents gap. What people need to apply for a residence permit? The residence permit is proof of the holder in the residence, living as resident population access to basic public services and facilities, to apply for permanent residence registration. Relevant provisions of the local residents living in non urban, county household registration, should be in accordance with the provisions of the floating population service management report to the police station residence registration. What kind of benefits can be obtained with a residence permit? First of all, it gives the floating population some basic rights and public services, so that the residence permit for the first time with the right amount of gold". It is reported that the new residence be entitled to employment, social insurance, deposit, extraction and use of housing provident fund, compulsory education, basic public employment services, basic public health services and family planning services, public cultural and sports services, legal aid and other legal services and other basic public services, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state and exit certificates, renewal, replacement identity cards, vehicle registration, apply for a driving license, enroll in the occupation qualification examination, application for the grant of occupation qualification for birth registration services and other family planning documents 6 basic public services and 7 facilities, to achieve zero breakthrough of rural population’s rights "". Secondly, it opened the door to break the barriers of urban and rural two yuan. "Right gate" one by one!相关的主题文章: