Japanese House discussion is it guilty of downloading pirated


Japanese House discussion: is it guilty of downloading pirated comics? Japan is a better country in copyright protection, but with the developed network, there are many people who will download pirated comics and e-books. Some Japanese netizens drew a cartoon to tell the phenomenon and caused a great repercussion. Although silver mulberry is poor, but there is a principle, want to see "JUMP" to buy. A: "I have an electronic book to download, do you want to see it?" B: "I don’t see it, it will hinder the sales of the author." A: "it’s all right." B: "I didn’t read the author’s book, and I didn’t buy it, even if I saw it, I wouldn’t have an impact on sales." A: "wow ah ah ah!" Here following the Japanese netizens commented: "there have been too much to say that if the author did not eat it or don’t draw manga. "The king of the sea" had met this kind of thing before, and some people said that the world class comic should be read free of charge. It was really horrifying. " "In reality, some people will justify and justify their behavior. They say that the copyright of the network is too ambiguous in law, which is the fault of capitalism." "This is the same reason as the excuse of" not to be known and not to be a crime. " It’s not funny, and people who say this in a decent way should be aware of how bad they are. The difference in one step will become a perpetrator. " "It is easy to download pirated comics on the Internet. It is easy to infect the computer virus, and can’t open the document. The people infected with the virus will be crazy." "I am a cram school teacher, my college students often show off their" has put your name on the internet. "Seen a good many times, is really miserable." "I don’t have a desire to buy the comics now, all wrapped in wrapping paper, only the cover, so I don’t want to buy it." "The same person is not a commodity, so it’s no problem to download." "In today’s network popularization, this problem is avoided. The author does not adopt action will produce more problems, also become difficult to deal with. If the person is to upload game company president found, is also not to be arrested by the police point." "It is best to buy comic books, I would like to collect comics. But now there are a lot of network serial works, only on the Internet, if I have the desire to want to buy physical books. " Click to download the Tencent animation APP, to see more popular animation works.