It’s not a digital currency, it’s


Not scary but digital currency notes, according to the Beijing News reported that the units directly under the people’s Bank of China released the official website of the printed scientific research institute 2017 year plan to recruit personnel, intends to recruit 6 professionals of digital currency research, which makes digital currency again become hot. Some public opinion that the arrival of the era of digital currency, banknotes will disappear, etc.. In this regard, a former official involved in the study of digital currency, the central bank told the author, for the digital currency, the central bank is also in the research stage, it can not be widely popular. In fact, the Central Bank of the digital currency or the affected bitcoin virtual currency and Alipay and three party payment development. The reality of the currency, such as paper money, coins can not disappear, or how to do in rural areas? Now, one yuan of money is a form of dollar bills and metal currency, one yuan coins issued by the central bank in the future is the encryption algorithm based digital currency, similar to the virtual currency, however, the digital currency issued by the central bank will also be legal tender, the national credit endorsement. But bitcoin is not money, Q money, no national credit for their endorsement. Central bank vice governor Fan Yifei has said the author, issuing and verification of monitoring Chinese digital currency legal framework tend to "central bank and commercial bank" two yuan — the central bank responsible for the digital currency, commercial banks from the central bank to apply for a digital currency, which directly faces the society, is responsible for providing digital currency circulation and application of ecological service service system construction. This is little difference with paper money into circulation. The issue of digital currency by the central bank loans to commercial banks, loans or other forms of digital money lent to commercial banks. Commercial banks through the issuance of digital currency loans, or customers will voluntarily account in accordance with the RMB exchange 1:1 part of the digital currency. The central bank may not be free to issue digital currency, which is based on the issue of the current issue of banknotes. The most likely way is that the banks with the existing physical currency exchange with the Central Bank of the same amount of digital currency. Otherwise, the central bank will be a very small number of digital currency, and to prevent inflation, the role of digital currency test is much smaller. However, the biggest beneficiary of the digital currency is the central bank, because both paper money and coins are costly. The printing of paper money is higher than that of the general publication, while the cost of the coin is higher. For example, in February last year, Shandong province Linyi three partnership fraud 1 yuan coins, put only 180 thousand out of 160 thousand, a loss of more than 20 thousand. In general, a dollar coin is equivalent to the physical value, when the inflation is serious, the actual cost of a dollar coin may be two or three times the bill. As a result, Denmark and other Nordic countries themselves to limit the use of cash, mainly to consider costs, as well as anti money laundering and monitoring, reduce tax evasion, reduce illegal transactions and other reasons. And we study digital currency, it is necessary, including the Federal Reserve and many other central banks are in the study or attention to digital currency. So will the issuance of digital currency cause serious inflation? The answer is No. Now the circulation of the currency is assumed to be 100 yuan, the central bank’s digital currency will be issued equivalent to replace the equivalent of 100 yuan. Of course, after the issue of digital currency, will speed up the flow of money.相关的主题文章: